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10 tips on makeup for curved eyelash, thick charm

Only each of mascara, but apparently only a small change may also decide to work “success – failure” to create double curved eyelash, thick charm.

1. Always curling eyelash first

All makeup artists are using the same techniques only. If you curling eyelash before mascara, you will have longer eyelash, magnificent and more impressive. Gently curling from the lower base of the eyelashes, using forceps mascara hold for a few seconds and then slowly curling gradually to the top eyelashes, then slowly opened eyes. If you do not want to use the tool clamping eyelashes, you may use mascara first, then enlist while still wet, then grab the tail eyeliner or swab to push backwards onto lashes, hold until dry eyelashes shaped curve. You can also dab a little cream or cream liner before curling eyelash, for eyelash soft, more sticky and not break or fall out.curling-eyelash

2. Clean the brush mascara

If you want to avoid clotted eyelash, then use a paper towel wipe old mascara brush excess grip on broaching. The brush is designed to get just the amount necessary mascara, so if you want to have just thick lashes, just smooth, clean, his stylish, so please pay attention to the palm of this polished, regular cleaning and If possible, use a brush to polish off easily maintained and hygienic.

3. Do not forget to brush along the zig zag

Often many people or mascara straight line from bottom to top original eyelash. However, it must be put right broaching zig zag below to create the bulge stem eyelash extend eyelashes. Then when broaching reached between eyelash, then blinked to the entire remaining portion glance lash brush and covered with a layer of mascara sufficient. If you want to make bolder thick lashes, make a zig zag lingering in the corners of the eyes, then eyes gradually translated. Then again broaching zig zag again from the corner of the eyes to create eye out for mi length, eventually holding the brush vertically to pull broaching tip each mi spreading out. When this layer is dry mascara, again performed all the steps again to add the second layer coated, creating a professional appearance as the celebrity.mascara-zig-zag

4. Using two different colored mascara

Some makeup artists use many different kinds of mascara to complete the look. If you want to have thick lashes, apply a zig zag mascara from the root to the tips eyelash, keep cross arm angling from eye to tail round eyes like deer Bambi. It is technically very suitable for people with small eyes and double eyelids. You can apply techniques with two or three different colored mascara, attention broaching for lower lashes, brush can be used to polish each lash for completeness.

5. Additional powder layer

After curling eyelash, you can add a layer of palm canopy talc up lashes to create thick and puffy, like the impact of dry shampoo to your hair flat. Then mascara as usual, you will find much thicker mi. Without talc, then you can use the eyeshadow powder to polish the outside eyslashes, helping to create the fullness and richness of color substrate for lashes.mascara-tips

6. Remember to carefully broaching radicals eyelash

Many people at the tops mascara eyelash but forget not elaborate at the base, so lashes look unnatural. Therefore, let the rats have priority curve shape similar to eyelid to easily take root rubbed on your feet. You should also choose a brush with microfiber, pieces to be taken against the eyelid without causing irritation. Without this type of mascara, you can use a brush to spread pollen types spread wide head, gliding through the brush mascara brush to remove sufficient amount of miles on the original part and mascara ensure broaching are natural lashes , not too thick.

7. Creating blocks by color mascara

The combination of multi-colored mascara for the lashes can create more depth. You can incorporate a bold color black mascara and a chocolate brown colored mascara. You can use two layers overlap, partial top lashes only brown polished to brightness. Thicker lashes will look at the roots, and seems longer, more natural spreading of flame curling eyelash had looked depth radiance. You can also incorporate the use of masacara brown or black at the base of mi, then broaching the mascara colorful, abundant as red wine, green or purple shirt tops to create different appearance , younger.creating-blocks-by-color-mascara

8. Brushed silky eyelashes

Even some experts skilled makeup does not necessarily have to master this technique. You can use a brush from an old mascara, wash thoroughly for broom brush eyelashes. You use the broom to brush before and after mascara, eyelashes ensure no lumps. When the brush from root to tip eyelashes, turn round in order to increase the impact broom combed and take away the excess mascara. If comb mi properly, you will make eyes look big and impressive as mounted eyelashes but still very natural, glitter.

9. Use a broom brushed metal eyelash

If possible, please invest in a dedicated broom brushed metal eyelash. This instrument will provide long looks, thick eyelashes naturally. Brooms eyelash comb helps lashes are natural shine, can be used between layers of mascara, the mascara is still wet to shape the correct standard eyelash. Brushes brush eyelash clarity will help shape each lash, not to eyelash blocking effects, give you the confidence and perfect before each frame.brushed-metal-eyelash

10. Use multiple formulas mascara

Even if you just want to be loyal to a single color mascara, the mascara should use two different formulas. You will want to incorporate a thickening mascara lashes and a long shirt making. You’ll use the type of thickening broaching concentrated in lower lashes, then add a little polish on her lashes. Long eyelashes mascara will use after using mascara, concentrating for “eyelashes above”, and focus on the middle part of the eye to create focal points for those big eyes.formulas-mascara


Makeup for hot days.

These steps to makeup for withstand sweat on hot days.

Hot weather can turn face your perfect makeup to become a disaster. However, that does not mean you have to stop makeup in hot sunny days. Here are tips to help you have a layer of make-up was “solid” but still felt comfortable.



1) Weapon helps make up more durable substrate and not “melt” in hot weather is a fixed solution (makeup setting spray). You probably are familiar with the use of this solution ultimately help skin more modern but it uses external. But in addition it uses, setting spray also creates a cool dry lining, velvety help foundation clinging to the skin firmer and harder to “move” more. Therefore, the first step is to setting spray all over the entire surface(but do not forget to moisturize the skin before it).



2) After setting spray has dried, the next step is to apply cream liner (primer) on the T-zone, two side nose and chin area philtrum. Cream leather lining not only to helps control oil, but also cover pores efficiently, gives your skin a velvety and foundation penetrates the skin more.

3) To create a velvety smooth substrate that remains dry and clear in the heat, you should use water chalk or long-lasting foundation (long-wear waterproof / sweatproof). When using makeup brushes, spread short streaks crossed. This will help your background layer is not visible every streak when you sweating.

Note: If you need to use concealer (concealer), select the type of waterproof to ensure it does not slip when met sweat and please spread the concealer with a sponge to create maximum efficiency and still cover most natural.



4) After having finished the foundation, do not forget to cover the skin a very thin layer of loose powder foundation layer for it.



5) With eyebrows, you should choose the pencil with wax or pencil wax component because they firmly attach more and more difficult to break powder / powder eyebrow pencil. Many kinds of eyebrow pencil and wax those eyebrows capable waterproof (waterproof) and that’s what you need to succumb to sweat.



6) In this weather, it’s better that you take your eye makeup simple, not too many layers eyeshadow. Meanwhile, with eyeliner gel with waterproof components are simple alternatives but more effective in bringing a sharp eye and deep.



8) Waterproof mascara is also things that you should stick in hot days like this.



9) To adorn lips, use lip packets (matte), lip tint or long-lasting creamy lipstick because they are long-lasting and also more durable than other types of lipstick.