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10 rules lipstick and the girls needs to know

The lovely lipstick neatly in boxes makeup is a legacy that any girl would love built themself up. And to use the fortune that the most effective way is needed to the basic principles.

Lipstick and eyeliner are the most basic beginnings for each girl to want to build a suit of own makeup. Only with a severance lipstick, her charisma have been different before, become fresh and sweet personality or just ask a little more lipstick to paint over and touch them.

Basically that’s it, but not the girl knows how to make herself more splendid and lipstick. And so beautiful with the basics that every girl to have to equip themselves to better the same principle of lipsticks.lipstick

1. Treat your beautiful lips like your own face so. We also need to get you up removal, exfoliation, moisturizing daily.

2. If you were eating, drinking and gatherings with friends before a night of partying to forget heaven and earth. Wait until you are finished using all your stuff then is new carmine lips. This will help you not thrilled to have to take the regular lipstick makes lip without blur.

3. Lipstick you choose today may be a prominent lip colors: bright red, pink or orange sweet candy pop bright coral lipstick … though does also remember the rule: If your lips have highlights, please keep your eyes are part gentle makeup simple.

4. Not any lipstick out there is for you. For each skin color, with different undertone there are matching lipstick. Try different color swatch until you find the ideal lipstick for your skin. A lipstick not only accompany you in a few appointments that can be with you in a long time.

5. The secret to long-lasting lipstick on your lips and durable? Just spread a layer of cream wallpaper primer before carmine lips. Substrate primer will help prepare and keep lipstick on longer.how-to-apply-lipstick

6. Use lip liner, lips can be a double-edged sword helps you become more astute might also can make you as odd to be tattooed lips overboard. Choose a lip pencil tree smooth and easy with stroke are many different tones.

7. When the lipstick on the lips, you should start painting from the lips and hearts wide spread out laterally. This way your lipstick lips will have more and more natural.

8. Some tips for your lips become more sturdy and sweet by highlight at the lip between curved lip oriented bow out. Some highlight the dotted line at the lip will help light reflects better on your lips and give you a look coddle, seductive than his own.

9. Before going to sleep, you remember to always remove make clean your own lips. This helps you stay clean environment and not sifted dirt off your white pillow.how-to-take-care-of-lips

10. Whether you are addicted lipstick but remember to spend one day a week to your lips a rest. There are so new you have time to clean dead skin, moisturize the lips more natural healthy glow.


6 makeup tips that changed your life.

If you believe you have any technical knowledge of makeup, then you should think again.

Does your makeup has brought the best performance? If we say that you can look better with a few makeup tips, you believe it? Please make your lips fuller, brighter eyes and faces light up with 6 makeup tips below:

1. Pencil eyeliner without smudged

eyelinerIf you’re looking for a long-lasting eyeliner, try to gel eyeliner. You also do not have to buy this type of gel eyeliner. Just holding out your eyeliner on fire about 15 seconds then let cool for about 15 seconds. Your eyeliner softer, gel-forming structures, which are more easily spread and when the gel is dried, it will long drift and less smudged than normal.

2. Make eye brighter white-eyeliner

White eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger and brighter than if you spread the white eyeliner on the inside of the eyelids. You can also use white eyeliner on the eyelids then spread pastels to create depth to the eyes.

3. DIY lip glosslip-gloss-handmade

You can create a unique type of lip gloss by mixing liquid or powder eyeshadow with a hint of mineral oil and apply to lips. Feeling very cool and sparkling your lips will look shimmering!

4. Fuller lipslipstick

If you have dry lips, use lip gloss or creamy lipstick. This lipstick acts as a form of lip moisturizer, capable of lip balm 2 times and the form of bars makes your lips look fuller.

5. The long-lasting makeup long-lasting-makeup

If you sweat a lot, let’s apply a layer of talcum powder odorless on eyes to absorb sweat. Take this extra step before makeup combined with greaseproof paper. Your makeup will keep longer controlled by the sweat on face.

6. Create a block for lipscreate-a-block-for-lips

To create perfect block to lips, you should use the pencil liner and lipstick the same color. Draw the letter “X” on the lips on and then to paint the rest of lipstick.

Ten “Special Items” EVERY GIRL MUST HAVE

What girl into the street without lipstick is not intelligent to do pretty, girl do not know singing is really bad, girl slim only sadness in heart that there is no “advisor” to recourse the idiot.

That words overheard by and thought just joking, but behind is the whole experience essential. Life takes place in every moment and you do not necessarily always have to be “dominant”, but also do not let you innocence, ask whatever you did not know, or did not like. It’s boring when we have to talk with someone who is not good at something, do not know self want what or need what. Do not let you become passive girl! Take to yourself have at least 10 people “friend” of the following:

1. A Favorite Funny Story:

If accidentally “touch” in a group of people who do not know each other or space seems too awkward, funny story like that this piece of you can help people to connect with each other more easily. Laugh will “break the ice” and the opponents can silently thank your flair. Humor has always been appreciated everywhere and everyone loves to stay near the joker. If that turns humor into your own personality, ensuring that you’ll never be afraid of loneliness.

2. The Most Popular Costumes:

This costumes gives you confidence and beautiful in special occasions. Should choose a safe costume, easy to wear, easy to move, sit and eat without revealing weaknesses in the body. The colors and design styles as well as a very important fabric helps people only see you once that nostalgically. A dress with hair styles, accessories, right tone can make people have a completely new look for you, they really can change perspective about you. costumes

3. Favorite Sport:

Please choose a subject any and pursue it, it will help you de-stress and have beautiful body. Not to mention you can make others surprised to have the opportunity to compete in a certain pleasure. Generally sport should be a companion of women, it helps you to live longer and more resilient.

4. The Favorite Comedy:

Consider it as sad or lonely, you will feel happy and more optimistic. Invite people are sad to watch comedy, it would make them happier, wouldn’t it?

5. Familiar Cafe:

What’s cooler by dating him in a space that makes you feel comfortable, familiar? Determine meeting places is always a problem quite a headache for most of us. If you know a restaurant has delicious drinks, nutritious, quality, beautiful layout, space pleasant but not too far away, then you are the best. Favorite cafe also shows an part of your personality.cafe

6. A Favorite Song:

This save you embarrassment and take time to think when asked to sing at a party. You learn to sing this song, chose not too small but meaningful lyrics a bit, or a song is “hot” for example. It would be great if you have a memory associated with the songs to be able to share with everyone. Enticement everyone vocals or clapping, dancing illustration is one way to find you extremely confident and vivacious. Particularly dare stand up in the crowd also sang and a few men admire you then.

7. Quiche Dish:

Despite hobby cook or not, you should still “player available” doing a few basic dishes. Cooking is a skill that any woman should have to give yourself and also other people. If you are notoriously and can not cook, so in a certain occasion, make him surprised and touched by the delicious dishes that you yourself perform from A to Z. Cook a favorite dish, is also essential in the meeting has exchange is accompany cooking. Who is the best cook is sure to record high points.

8. The Best Advisor:

This will be the person to bring you the most useful advice in all cases. Look for someone like that to yourself and it could be anybody. Military engineers who understand you without you having to explain, no evaluation or judgment that will listen to your heart. The advisor who help you relieved before any storm and just talk to them, you see dark clouds suddenly disappear.

9. Favorite Lipstick:

It only takes 5 seconds to carmine, but the difference that this action creates is huge. One can only carmine without makeup. Missing lipstick, your face will pale without accents. You are women, in bags must always have a lipstick.lipstick

10. Tourist Destination Makes You Most Comfortable:

This will be the place you go to to relieve sorrow or think about old memories. Knowing about a tourist destination will turn you into “lifting” really, when have the opportunity to lead acquaintance visiting that place. Friends will be grateful to you for being true delight fun, discover amazing things that did not worry too expensive prices. Funding as tour guide will make you more likeable in the eyes of everyone.

4 Ways To Preserve Cosmetics In Summer Heat

You love your cosmetics and wants to take care of it the right way.

Hot weather, high temperatures are the cause of many cosmetic products decreased longevity. Please join us for the following article to have certain knowledge about how to preserve cosmetics in summer.

1. Position for cosmetics:

The best place to preserve cosmetics and makeup tools is put it in your bedroom. Avoid bringing it into the bathroom because bacteria will more easily penetrate in the bathroom. Bedrooms will have light and the best temperature for preserving cosmetic and makeup tools. In hot weather, your bedroom easily absorb heat and become “sweltering”, and put all of cosmetics on the dressing table is not recommended. Now you should put cosmetics in baskets / boxes of paper to enter the wooden drawers.



In summer, when temperatures exceed 40°C, you should not let cosmetics in cars, and do not let the makeup cosmetic products near a TV, computer because the heat from these items prone to change the structure of cosmetics. Lipsticks with temperature resistance least, foundation or pastels also spoil faster if you regularly put in the trunk of the motorcycle.

2. Classification of cosmetics with functional:

You should purchase a few different colored baskets for packaging cosmetic products separately, if you have time, you should notes and pasted on cosmetics on opening day for cosmetics can be used to when. If it do not have expire date or you forget it.



3. Regular hygiene makeup tools:

This is also where the potential for producing bacteria and harming your health, so please regularly clean your cosmetics collection!



– With skin care products (creams, serums …): Using medical alcohol on a cotton pads and then wipe bleach bottle cap and bottle body to disinfect and scrub cosmetics dropped out or left. Then remember to tighten the lid of cosmetics avoid water evaporation.
– With lipstick: Use a paper towel to gently wipe clean the lid and trunk lip is then closed.
– With eyeshadows and cosmetic powder: First, use cotton pads to remove once to clean the residue powder grade, then use medical alcohol on a cotton pads to remove, wipe again perioral lid, mirror , open and leave it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight for about 5 minutes and then close it and put away.

4. There should be stored cosmetics in the refrigerator?

In fact, today there are many cosmetic companies on the market advises users to preserve the product in a cool refrigerator compartment. If you are the kind of meticulously marked “should be stored in the refrigerator” on packaging, you should follow the instruction manual. Especially cosmetics handmade, very short shelf life, it should be stored in cool refrigerator compartment. Or if you want peace of mind in the preservation of cosmetics, please buy yourself a dedicated cooler for storing cosmeticsgoo.gl/9FYcHr



Makeup for hot days.

These steps to makeup for withstand sweat on hot days.

Hot weather can turn face your perfect makeup to become a disaster. However, that does not mean you have to stop makeup in hot sunny days. Here are tips to help you have a layer of make-up was “solid” but still felt comfortable.



1) Weapon helps make up more durable substrate and not “melt” in hot weather is a fixed solution (makeup setting spray). You probably are familiar with the use of this solution ultimately help skin more modern but it uses external. But in addition it uses, setting spray also creates a cool dry lining, velvety help foundation clinging to the skin firmer and harder to “move” more. Therefore, the first step is to setting spray all over the entire surface(but do not forget to moisturize the skin before it).



2) After setting spray has dried, the next step is to apply cream liner (primer) on the T-zone, two side nose and chin area philtrum. Cream leather lining not only to helps control oil, but also cover pores efficiently, gives your skin a velvety and foundation penetrates the skin more.

3) To create a velvety smooth substrate that remains dry and clear in the heat, you should use water chalk or long-lasting foundation (long-wear waterproof / sweatproof). When using makeup brushes, spread short streaks crossed. This will help your background layer is not visible every streak when you sweating.

Note: If you need to use concealer (concealer), select the type of waterproof to ensure it does not slip when met sweat and please spread the concealer with a sponge to create maximum efficiency and still cover most natural.



4) After having finished the foundation, do not forget to cover the skin a very thin layer of loose powder foundation layer for it.



5) With eyebrows, you should choose the pencil with wax or pencil wax component because they firmly attach more and more difficult to break powder / powder eyebrow pencil. Many kinds of eyebrow pencil and wax those eyebrows capable waterproof (waterproof) and that’s what you need to succumb to sweat.



6) In this weather, it’s better that you take your eye makeup simple, not too many layers eyeshadow. Meanwhile, with eyeliner gel with waterproof components are simple alternatives but more effective in bringing a sharp eye and deep.



8) Waterproof mascara is also things that you should stick in hot days like this.



9) To adorn lips, use lip packets (matte), lip tint or long-lasting creamy lipstick because they are long-lasting and also more durable than other types of lipstick.