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Guides Make Tree Hanging For Jewelry

You like to do handmade things, handmade jewelery ….? Today, I will guide you doing hanging tree for your jewelry, very easy. Make decorative jewelry, and your lovely room with only a few simple steps.

Detailed content

1, Items and materials required:
– A twigs appropriate shape
– Drilling machine
– The type of wood glue
– Paint type sprayers

2, The way to make it:
> Choose a tree branch: Branch is not too large as to reach cumbersome but also not too little.
Should choose a branch with branches divided evenly to the focus lies in between the tree branches to help better balance when used. Remove all the leaves, dry branches to dry completely before using.

> Make a insole: Use a square piece of wood about 50 mm thickness to the insole, mark and drill a hole in the middle, enough to put the branch on.
In case, the wood is not enough thick, it is necessary to join several pieces of wood by wood glue.


> Attach the in the insole: Pour a small amount of glue into the hole and plug bough into that. For the next day, to branch dry and stick to the insole.

> Paints decorative: Using acrylic paint type sprayers to paint branches and soles of the color that you like.
Let it dry and then paint it again to ensure all superficially covered.

So you have to get a lovely tree hanging for jewelry, decorative and storage of jewelry. And here is a sample you can refer to, from the way you can do on a lot of style variations according to your creative mind.




This way you can create many different bough to use and to give to those friends.

Have nice day, my friend! Thank you!