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The Super Delicious Flavor Should Definitely Try It!

The fruit ice cream flavor would be strange unexpected cool breeze blowing away the summer heat it! Or you still like it even though it’s cold. Today, we will learn how to make one of ice cream flavors.

1. Fruit ice cream sticks:

How do you butter lemon cream sticks as follows:

– Two avocado puree with 30ml milk. Planing a little lemon zest and mix with butter to add flavor.

– Mix 30ml of lemon juice with water and sugar, then mix with butter to be slightly viscous mixture.

– Pour the mixture into ice cream mold and to the refrigerator at least 2 hours for frozen cream really cool actually.

With this, you can apply for watermelon and lemon …


… Or how about mango with a little chili?


2. Kiwi ice cream sticks:

How do kiwi cream as follows:

– Cut the kiwi into slices, seasoned with a bit of sugar to reduce acidity.

– Mix 600ml lemon juice as you like and then poured into molds with kiwi cut.

– Store the ice cream in the freezer until frozen is finished.

You can replace kiwi with other fruits like pomegranates, apples, strawberries, grapes, … are.

Another version, replace lemon juice with orange juice or grapefruit will also provide vitamin C to cool you there!


3. Ice cream sticks, peppermint taste:

Spicy ice cream sticks seem strange but equally attractive where!

How do you mint ice cream sticks:

– Wash the mint leaves before you puree with sugar and honey, then sieving to rid of debris.

– After adding water to the mint was milled for pappy vapor mixture. Preferably, you mix water with mint yogurt is delicious. Then put in the fridge for ice cream frozen.


Or in combination with fruits like lemon, raspberry, strawberry … also very delicious!