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Top applications best for GALAXY S5

Top rotary screen applications Galaxy S5

You’re watching a movie or a video clip extremely nicely on a website and want to keep it to carry out review, screen capture software for Android will help you do that.
Let’s imagine, you own a Galaxy S5 productions and recently has had a cool video and humor, you want to turn it back to be able to review at any time but is not known to use software to help you do that. This article will introduce you to rotate the screen app Galaxy S5, or even you want more feature. top-applications-best-for-galaxy-s5

Today there are plenty of apps to help you rotate the screen and below are a few apps for your reference:

1. Rec: Application interface is very simple Rec

– A screen capture application interfaces and custom work is fairly simple, it has the ability to support users to set parameters bit rate with a maximum recording time. When you set up is complete, click the “Record” to start the recording.
– Further application Rec also has recording function. When pressing the “record” before the screen of Galaxy S5 is recorded. The application has two versions were free version and paid version, with the premium you can only shoot a maximum of 5 minutes and 30 recordings. So if possible, you should use the fee to use the application a most efficient way.

2. For KitKat Screen Recorder

This app is a free download and it only supports devices running Android KitKat. For KitKat Screen Recorder interface is used relatively simple set that supports the resolution and adjust the parameters Bitrate and countdown. The downside of this app is only available for recording screen in 3-minute intervals, so you should only use it when rotating the screen with short durations.

3. SCR Screen Recorder Free 5+: Is a free application but very professional

– This is a free application but SCR Screen Recorder Free has a very professional operation. Particularly when it is activated on the device’s screen will appear 3 choices were recording, installation and exits.
– It is the same with the other applications that allows users to adjust the parameters bitrate, frame resizing or converting images … and the application also restrict the maximum recording time is 5 minutes form.

4. Texting Spy App

This Spy App Phone is surveillance smartphones worldwide safety millions satisfied users worldwide. Spying App works by monitoring and discreet monitoring all activities in the background of the target device not only text messages, includes:

  • Permit to listen the surroundings silently in “LIVE” created around phone.
  • Receive a copyright of all sent and received SMS messages( Sms Spy)
  • Record all dialled and received conversations (Call Recording).
  • Know the precise location through GPS equipment
  • Read all conversation: Whatsapp spy, hack Facebook, hack Skype, Viber spy….
  • Read all model email on phone.
  • Web browser.
  • Watch pictures, videos of mobile.
  • Access calls history include date/time, number/name of caller

So you have in hand some apps rotate the screen for galaxy S5 good. If you are cherished as a video guide on phone operation with short durations may use 1 of 3 apps. Good luck.


Wife Handle, And Secretary Quit Job Immediately.

Speaking of office affair, most difference with all other genres density affair appeared a lot of players. Hugh loved wife but did not want to abandon the beautiful secretary know how to coddle him.
Because, who in the company has the knowledge, highly qualified should be able to use “high skill” to flirt object, use “tricks” to hide husband/wife and use hidden “strategies”……

Sarah worked in my company for quite some time but still unmarried. She was the woman presentable form, typical of the “investigation”, 9/10 men admits that he want his wife wanted to be like. Dressed discreetly, speak honestly, never glanced swinging with anyone…. general amazing!

Therefore, when Hugh as director, asked Sarah as secretary, no one talking. 8 hours work in the company, Sarah always sat at the table with dignity, sometimes Hugh called then hurried into signing this, or put the other ones.

Every time work out with Hugh, Sarah always drive motorcyclists, then get back to work. If Hugh had overtime or unexpected business trip, Sarah also inform Hugh’s wife.

Therefore Jenifer (wife of Hugh) differently to 99% other boss’s wife, Jenifer like secretary of husband very much. Jenifer often invite Sarah go shopping weekend, often invited Sarah over the dinner, play with the kids … Jenifer get Sarah as her sister, Jenifer confided many things about Hugh with Sarag, and hopes Sarah can support husband in company more.


And so, Sarah got Jenifer’s confidence … and also took husbands that Jenifer unexpected. Just as Jenifer’s sister once accidentally met Sarah at Jenifer’s house and warning her to be careful, because things are not like its appearance. Jenifer was startled and do a “litmus test”, bitter knowing that Sarah was hit straight into the enemy stronghold to conquest Hugh, satisfactorily effective.

Hugh, under the objective assessment of people deserve to be put 9/10 point. Handsome, rich,.. clever grasp opposite psychology … so when Hugh about where i assumed the position of director is a lot of girls dream of making his lover!

But Hugh loved his wife, his wife always accompanied every festival meeting or traveling company. When people tell stories about wife/husband during the break, Hugh was eager to tell everyone about his wife.

At the company, we only know Hugh always happy about things Sarah did. People said, secretary as shadow of the boss, must understand, but understand from favorite foods to drugs … as Sarah is very rare.

Their true story is probably they clear it most. But now the company, the thrilling story of this relationship prompted skeptical.

Everyone commented on how that Sarah decided to robbery Hugh make her husband, not a lover. So when have the “disinterested assistance” of Jenifer, Sarah cherish every habit, Hugh preferences. Looks like only half a year after Hugh about, they were officially over together.

Hugh sure not to leave his wife, so even high speed affair with Sarah, he was always ready to “defense” with Jenifer. He and Sarah with texting on the phone all day, but people outside heard the whole story just seen work. Even, many people still say small, they exchanged the feeling when “have sex” but Jenifer still innocent smile. The most sensitive words such as encrypted: Appointments are called contracts, satisfaction is fed and have sex is called lunch …

Hugh also available the meeting record stored in a second phone, when Jenifer call will pop up speakers, said quickly, “was meeting, i will call again”, never off the phone to avoid wife like other husbands.

Hugh also has a high attack other players, each of his clothes, even underwear are 2 to 3 identical ones. When the “work” done, he returned to the company, returning home in new clothes still intact scent, folds.

Jenifer astute woman and clever. Just because Jenifer trust her husband, too subjective so he pushed her husband to another woman.

In the reckoning of Jenifer, works closely with the secretary aims to let Sarah see her family how happy, how she understood her husband, do not be foolish, interject … Jenifer bitterly when she accidentally draw the line for Sarah “fallin” husband.

After receiving a warning of her sister, Jennifer began to notice things more and installations Good Spy Apps on husband’s phone. Once, Sarah phoned Jenifer notice that Hugh has appointment at 7pm, not to have dinner, Jenifer cheerful note. And when she listen the surroundings with Good Spy Apps, she heard a strange sound and noise. With her intelligence, a moment later, Jenifer immediately texted Hugh “Son fell down the stairs, you go home when it’s done”. Jenifer know, children are the most important thing to her husband.

Exactly 30 minutes later, Hugh was at home, panic, head and tangled hair make Jenifer shocked to realize he was wearing the shirt install misses a button, the disheveled of Hugh never have.

Previously, each time going shopping for her husband, Hugh and told his wife the same purchase much always when he has satisfied any form, he said to one female in the office, working occasional irregular or missed rain is used. Now, faith no longer, Jenifer once again see things are not normal about husband and to “plan”. Because now she has no real evidence, and her husband never admitted infidelity.

Jenifer say husband brought them all in the company of so arrange back, dropping the old ones, buy new. Jenifer side facing in every trousers, panties embroidered with things just the same color by number … The next day, Jenifer back neatly into two suitcases, a suitcase to bring Hugh’s office, one hanging in a closet at home. In this way with the help of Good Spy Apps, Jennifer knew that one week, at least 3 days where Hugh was going, to did something.

Jenifer understand Hugh has two hearts, but she could not tell him that such as adultery. Hugh will bring Jenifer full of good reason.

Jenifer still loved him, wanted to keep her husband. If she arrive company or monitoring to caught it too condescending. She decided to choose a lighter alternatives, so they have to be apart, but returned to his place, the decision to use Mobile Spy App.

When the husband went for a while, she planned to send all the evidence she had. But recently in a text, she received a text message that her husband send to Sarah with content: “I miss you, i just want to run fast to kiss and hug you.” No hurry, angry, at first intending Jenifer send old message with a new message for her husband.

Hugh decided to sign off work for Sarah on the day. Sarah probably sock with “results” of her.

Everyone had the opportunity to respect both Hugh and Jenifer, they surpassed the company, family for long. The elderly woman, very admired, found her still sweet mouths as ever with her husband as nothing happened, but “out of hand” is squeaky clean and make rival to abandon. From now on, Hugh renounce adultery, sure that.