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10 extremely simple makeup tips that changed the life of women

These makeup tips super fast, super easy below will help you save the most time per day but still possesses extremely beautiful appearance and attractive.

1. For your eyelashes thicker and more curved mascara after a time, just spread a layer of foundation and mascara on the eyelashes once again.

makeup tips for eyelashes

2. Lip balm not only help your lips moisturized but it also has numerous other uses such as replacing chalk highlights, combined with blusher for cheeks ownership or background frosted before use eyeshadows.

lip balm

3. To create smooth substrates, simply mix a little moisturizer with foundation or concealer. This new mixture also make your skin look bright to a tone that!

illuminating the skin with foundation

4. Substrates continues dewy makeup trend is favored in this winter. However, not everyone is lucky to own beautiful healthy skin, so you’ll have to take some time to assess the substrate, coating the skin, which causes the face to become dry. To remedy this, use a light mineral spray!

mineral spray for face

5. If the dry weather makes your skin smooth moldy and no makeup, just a few drops of oil on a cotton pad lotions and cream dabbed onto dry ground. You will see surprising effects.

tips to keep your skin smooth

6. Dark circles eye is an obsession of any girl makeup. However, you can completely overcome this by dabbing a layer of red lipstick orange to dark circles, then spread them on top of concealer. It may sound strange but this secret really effective it!

how to treat dark circles under eyes

7. Your lips will be less popular if a few hairs or tiny blisters on lips. To remedy this, please use white eyeliner for lip liner, then lipstick as usual.

trick for dark circles of lips

8. To save the most time hit blush, you just put a pencil cross under the cheekbones and now you just need to spread under this form only.

make up

9. You only need to use a hairpins to glue on false eyelashes, it will help you save the most time and your lashes will not broken, fallen.

easy way to apply false eyelashes

10. Spread a white lining up at the eye, then use eye shadows will help you own eyes bright and attractive.

eye shadows


Choose makeup “impressive” for Halloween

Makeup mask Halloween colorful

Halloween makeup with colorful mask is an idea or for a trip to the upcoming Halloween. With colorful faces depicting horror that will make you become spooky and mysterious. This makeup is also very simple you do not need to take time and meticulous feat. As i showed you some photos of masks for Halloween few days ago, then today I will give you the colors, different image to you have more options. And now you may refer to the following:


Beautiful white skull


Animal halloween makeup


Girl in poison ivy


Teddy Bear


Prettiest skull


Back halloween makeup


Glam skull


Makeup costumes




Awesome Freddy makeup




Face shape makeup


Black makeup


Half face

Hope you love all of its! Share it to your friend to enjoy the party.


 Makeup Impressive For Halloween Night

“Mysterious Halloween Night” is coming very close. You still have time to choose the costumes and makeup for your own unique, even the simplest outfit should also be added to a makeup accordingly.

Halloween” at night 30/10 each year is an opportunity for young creative pleasure. Have you dressed up “beautiful fairy”, but others prefer the fearsome form of evil … All these things have made a creepy Halloween night, many colors.
Anything interesting if you only bare face behind the mask of makeup. Make use of the unique makeup for one single holidays this year. As a rule, this evening you will choose how scary makeup, but some people prefer the seductive image of a cat or doll.

The same reference image for the unique makeup tonight:


Zip Your Lips


Simulate the aliens


Mad Miscreant


Iconic porcelain cracked


Halloween makeup many eyes


Hauntingly images are particularly popular


Makeup doll face


Bare Bonds




Turquoise terrorism


Two opposites


Macabre images of the bride


Spider Webs


Masquerade Mask


Sultry Spiderweb


A Nightmare Before Christmas

I hope that you will love all of its and will choose one for yourself and enjoy your Halloween with friends.

You already know how to coordinate shirt oversized super nice yet?

Try to refer to some type of coordinate graph below.

Skinny pants

If you do not want to “swim” in the baggy shirt always have to memorize principle offset when wearing this shirt. It sounds complicated but in fact very easy: you should only combine this item with leggings, shorts hugging and especially skinny pants.

Among those tight dresses, skinny pants style outfits are gifts will give you a stylish and impressive almost immediately. Therefore, here is how to coordinate extremely safe and always effective.



Create high-low design

You want to create an alternative, impressed with a simple detail? Too easy, just a little quick-compact-light, namely the front flap of the jacket barrel plug, unbridled evil follows naturally. Only detailed “petite little beige” This alone is a form you have created high-low fashion design, dress making less monotonous parts and know.

Or, you can also twist dress style “a loss, a longer” like this. Sure, people will quickly be attracted by the image of a girl with a strong personality and is not afraid to “play” with the dress as you.



Shorts / skirts high waistband

A measure of “cheating” the length of the foot pole “astounding” that is plugged barrel oversized shirt and shorts / skirt high waistband. The eyes of the person opposite will not be able to leave rates awfully perfect body as well as the personality that this duo brings. If the distribution of the shorts denim leggings and high, wide tube, you’ll have a playful fashion style, fresh and bring some vintage. And if you want to build the image of a girl mature, mature, be combined shirt and skirt high leggings, tight and respect your physique.




Take advantage of the oversized shirt as a jacket layer is also not a bad suggestion. You can combine this type of shirt with the T-shirt or tank-top printed with a funny, smoke eyes. The tone she preferred the momentum that still require dynamic, flexible from costumes then combine wide design shirts and tank-dress or a maxi skirt. Class shirt “oversized” This will help us both effective sun protection is extremely fashionable again recently. coat-shirt-oversized



The effective beauty secrets every girlfriend should know

We will help save time but still offers incredibly efficient in your daily beauty.

1. Put makeup remover right bed’s head

Go to bed with makeup on his face intact would be the cause of acne and skin irritation. Put makeup remover right bed’s head, will help you to remember to always remove makeup before bed if you are too tired and intend to go to bed but did not want to wash makeup on face.makeup-remover-toner

2. Cover the nail error by attaching stone

The best way to be able to cover the layer of nail polish your imperfections are using stones or lamé studded nail polish up on your finger like this. It is not only durable and long adhesion but also provide glitter effects to your fingers.nail-polish

3. Use a hair dryer to dry the cream layer

If you can not patiently wait for the creamlayer, Tonner or sunscreen to dry thoroughly so that you can begin applying your makeup on, a hair dryer will be the savior for you in this case. Some specific products as Tonner lotion or sunscreen needs to completely dry and saturate your skin before you start to makeup and hair dryers can accelerate the skin to help absorb quick skincare products listed above.dry-the-cream-layer

4. Use lipstick to makeup

In one day, if you feel too lazy to makeup but fear your skin looks dull and pale, you only need one magic lipstick and scattering them along your cheekbones, forehead and sometimes lips, then spread evenly with your fingers. It will help you get a face ruddy and full of vitality. lipstick-to-makeup

5. Create volumes and highlight the face with principle No. 3

Creating volumes and highlight the face never so easy with principles 1, 2, 3. To highlight your face, you can use 2 tones lighter highlight powder than your face and draw a number 3 with the top starting above the eyebrows, the middle section 3 is located above the cheekbone and part right tail jaw line.

To create volume, use concealer two shades darker than your skin tone and draw some 3 reverse (like the shape of the letter E), starting from mid-forehead, the middle portion of bone beneath mounds cheek and tail section located below the jaw bone. Then, use your hands or brush to blend well to get a perfect makeup.highlight-makeup

6. Use a cotton swab to clean eyeliner was draw out

You guys were missed you guys too eyeliner or hand or your eyeliner lem, use cotton balls impregnated a little petroleum jelly to wipe away the stain ugly lem of eyeliner on your face.cat-eye-cotton-swabs

7. Use a mascara replace eyeliner gel

You are makeup in progress and discovered eyeliner gel over. Use a small brush to borrow a little eyeliner black ink from … mascara and eyeliner gel turns them into.eyeliner-gel

8. Seductive smokey eyes by cotton swab

You can visit the day makeup style with simple eyeliner to night makeup style with seductive smokey eyes just by using a toothpick to rub section ink eyeliner spread out around.seductive-smokey-eyes-by-cotton-swabs

9. Effect larger eyes with white eyeliner

Use white eyeliner, or nude drawing a line right under your eyelid. This little trick will not only help make your eyes look bigger, but also help give you a sparkling eyes and vivid. white-eyeliner

10. Keep sticky bun hair by curling

You want to keep the sticky part of his fake hair curling add one more day? Just hair swept up into a loose bun and use hairpins fixed and overnight. The next morning, you will have a choppy stream desirable. Or you can plaited her hair and left overnight to get beautiful curls naturally when you wake up. Remember not tight braids to prevent hair loss.sticky-bun-hair

11. Adjust bangs dirty hair with baby powder

The tail behind your hair perfectly okay but bangs were greasy. You can make your dirty bangs hair pieces by columns compact rear up and bangs just washed and dried. If you are too lazy to wash your hair, just spray a little baby powder on top of the head, and tossed back bangs and brushing until the white powder disappears. Baby powder helps absorb excess oil away portions on your hair and rescue you from the situation unattractive greasy hair.adjust-bangs-dirty-hair-with-baby-powder

17 super efficient waxing tips women should not ignore

Waxing is not simply…. just the knife up and shave. For the hair removal is safe, “smoother” and painless, the girls still need the following tips.

Waxing is the work that all modern women are mindful to be seen as clean, tidy and caring for the body, especially the skin bikini and underarm areas. There are many ways for women to “clean up” the body, such as a razor (often make hair grow back faster and harder), hair removal cream, hot wax (used for a wide range of skin such as hands, feet, back), stickers (for small areas like mustache, eyebrows) or laser (supposedly permanent hair removal method) …

Either way or another, once made the hairs naturally disappear from the body in an unnatural way, you need to know how, as well as skin care regime especially. For the hair removal is safe, “smoother” and painless, the girl who needed the following tips:waxing-painless

1. Exfoliation from 1- 2 days before waxing

Exfoliation before waxing cleaning effect dead cells, helps the hair removal more effective. Thus, we can clean those stubborn feathers or hidden under the skin, helps the cause waxing results thoroughly. Additionally, you can also apply body cream before 2-3 days to soften the skin before waxing!

2. Replace the razor after use 3 times

Can you pay a little attention to the razor too, just use the first one until the new drop unusable. But such is dangerous for the skin, a dull razor blades means no cleaning hairy, and easy to cause red spots on the skin because needs strength when shaving. You should always use a razor shall not exceed 3 times, and it is best to replace them after every shave.

3. Skin cream

Before and after waxing the skin should be careful nursing. Previous lotion will help to soften the skin, then the waxing is done more easily, without causing damage to the skin. Often after waxing the skin has suffered significant impacts, so you should continue to take care of your skin with lotion.body-skin-cream

4. The time for waxing

Many mornings you choose to shave their legs to begin a new day, but it’s not a good time to do this, instead you should shave in the evening will give more perfect results and helps dissipate be at the maximum. You should also avoid waxing on the day, “red light”, for those days on the body have changed, you may be prolonged pain.

Also, you should not waxing after a hot bath, because then the pores will gape, the waxing will inadvertently hurt the foot skin pores special area. You should wax coat before bathing or later at least 1 hour.

5. Frequency waxing

Whether you choose the frequency manner done too often is not good for the skin. Most of us like to “treat” them immediately seeing new hairs sprout, but so that you are doing harm to your skin. Frequency of waxing is the best advice is 4 weeks 1 times. In particular, dermatologists still recommend that we should let the hairs in the bikini and leg length from 5 – 10 mm, the new implementation of subsequent waxing.

6. Wax hair properly

Each time waxing,doctor’s advice is that you use “special cream” to achieve the most effective and safe. Use one hand to pull your skin tight, then using the other hand started shaving exact lines, gently and carefully. If you have ingrown hairs, please shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the direction of hair growth will increase the risk of hair ingrown.

7. Use a conditioner if no shaving cream

Use any conditioner or lotion cream to replace the shaving cream in the unfortunate case no longer. This makes for a smoother travel razor and limit scratching the skin.girl-hair-remover-cream

8. Try waxing dry to see the reaction of the skin

Maybe you’ve heard is not to shave dry skin but the fact that there are some people who do this and their results are a smooth skin cleaner. The body of each person will have different mechanisms of action should before to do something, you can try to see the reaction of the skin like you wait?

9. Choose sharp blade

One of the worst things you can do damage to the skin is shaved with a dull blade. This not only is painful skin that you are more likely to face the situation ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Instead, always choose a sharp razor, apply a bit of shaving cream or moisturizer to reduce friction and soothe the skin while shaving.

10. No waxing the skin injured

When skin lesions such as abrasions, blistering, sores, acne grows … we absolutely should not perform waxing, as this may “helping hand” to heal wounds more difficult. Not only that, it also can cause more severe damage, while creating the conditions for the bacteria to enter and cause further harm. Therefore, we should only waxing the skin healthy and not see any injuries!

11. Never horizontal sliding blade

A simple thing to note is that if you accidentally slid horizontally razor, your skin will be cut very hurts.

12. Use multiple blade razor

Razor blades, the more your fur cleaned more efficiently and effectively. Also, feel free to use the razor products for men.multiple-blade-razor

13. Select the form of wax

With thin and sensitive skin characteristics, you will need a waxing method used softer as the portion of wax applied to the skin to jerk up and did not use a dedicated cloth. This method helps to take away the skin hairs without much pain.

14. Soak the skin in water

Soaked to the skin before waxing wax will help the hairs more soft and easy to bleach. You can shower before waxing the bikini area and remember to soak in water for about 20 minutes to skin and hair really soft.

Tip painless waxing – waxing process to be safe, “smoother” and painless, the girls still need the small waxing tips below.soak-the-skin-in-water

15. Taking painkillers before waxing

This can bring big difference about feeling pain while waxing. Aspirin or ibuprofen drink 45-60 minutes before the start of wax to keep painkillers to take effect. Here’s what experts advise clients wax should be done to lessen the pain of waxing.

16. Do not drink coffee before waxing

Substances capable of nerve stimulation as caffeine will make your ability to sense more sensitive and you’ll find even more pain. Therefore, you should not drink coffee or tea before you wax to avoid this happening.

17. Sugar depilation

Venerable one cup of sugar and half a lemon and ¼ cup honey. So you have a friendly solution to hair removal. Brush that solutions onto the skin area want to hair removal, use towel to clean and fast. How this wax will not harm the skin, and do not make your skin vulnerable. You can make right at home with ease.sugar-depilation

9 outfits suitable for all body

Whether you’re tall or short, fat or thin, whatever style you like, the dress after all may suit you.

1/ Crop top

The shirt has a short crop top moderately ingenious cover part of your belly fat ugly but revealing very beautiful hips. In addition, crop top also makes your legs look slender and longer. You can combine them with a high-waisted pants or wear them outside a sleeveless or halter vest two hug.crop-tops

2/ Blazer no stock

The delicate lines and neat blazer jacket will help you cover the neck no weaknesses as well as your body looks more luxury and style. However, you should choose the clothes fit your body instead of clothes too wide or too short.blazer-no-stock

3/ Jogger pants

You can not underestimate the T-jogger pants offline. They may look simple and somewhat boring but can make your legs look longer. Wear them below the waist and ensure pipes are located right ankle to have the best effect. You can combine them with a high-heeled shoes if you want to break a little. Despite short legs or long legs, the kind of dress is still very fit.jogger-pants

4/ Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt suit almost every girl. It exalted femininity and elegance of you. Design Slim hips down to the thigh makes you look neat but extremely charming. Do not worry, be confident expressing your intriguing!pencil-skirt

5/ Mist dresses

There is no dress style could fit every physique as mist dresses. It’s trendy, lovely and also very feminine. You do not need to worry about measurements or defect on his body. Feel free to choose a dress like that and that suits you best.mist-dresses

6/ Flared tube skirts

With its compact design hugs your hips and flared out at the rear, tube skirts flared help your waist look slimmer and create the illusion that other people do not know where the starting point of your foot, synonymous with the short leg to hide defects. Ideally, you should choose the skirts above the knee a bit.flared-tube-skirts

7/ Boyfriend jeans pants

The truth is that these pants help your flattering than skinny jeans pants. Style and comfort of our extensive help conceal leg or foot to bend. In addition, you will look extremely stylish and sophisticated as this costume area.boyfriend-jeans-pants

8/ Co-ords

You often have trouble with tight waisted dresses? Do not worry, those of co-ords are your “savior” for you. With separation between part design shirt and skirt, they give you great comfort without having sunken abdomen or fast as other dresses that are very fashionable there.coord

9/ Midi skirt

Many people think the only fashion midi skirt suit with her long legs. However, as long as your midi skirt is located just below the knee, we will help your legs look longer. This type of skirt suit many different body shape.midi-skirt