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The effective beauty secrets every girlfriend should know

We will help save time but still offers incredibly efficient in your daily beauty.

1. Put makeup remover right bed’s head

Go to bed with makeup on his face intact would be the cause of acne and skin irritation. Put makeup remover right bed’s head, will help you to remember to always remove makeup before bed if you are too tired and intend to go to bed but did not want to wash makeup on face.makeup-remover-toner

2. Cover the nail error by attaching stone

The best way to be able to cover the layer of nail polish your imperfections are using stones or lamé studded nail polish up on your finger like this. It is not only durable and long adhesion but also provide glitter effects to your fingers.nail-polish

3. Use a hair dryer to dry the cream layer

If you can not patiently wait for the creamlayer, Tonner or sunscreen to dry thoroughly so that you can begin applying your makeup on, a hair dryer will be the savior for you in this case. Some specific products as Tonner lotion or sunscreen needs to completely dry and saturate your skin before you start to makeup and hair dryers can accelerate the skin to help absorb quick skincare products listed above.dry-the-cream-layer

4. Use lipstick to makeup

In one day, if you feel too lazy to makeup but fear your skin looks dull and pale, you only need one magic lipstick and scattering them along your cheekbones, forehead and sometimes lips, then spread evenly with your fingers. It will help you get a face ruddy and full of vitality. lipstick-to-makeup

5. Create volumes and highlight the face with principle No. 3

Creating volumes and highlight the face never so easy with principles 1, 2, 3. To highlight your face, you can use 2 tones lighter highlight powder than your face and draw a number 3 with the top starting above the eyebrows, the middle section 3 is located above the cheekbone and part right tail jaw line.

To create volume, use concealer two shades darker than your skin tone and draw some 3 reverse (like the shape of the letter E), starting from mid-forehead, the middle portion of bone beneath mounds cheek and tail section located below the jaw bone. Then, use your hands or brush to blend well to get a perfect makeup.highlight-makeup

6. Use a cotton swab to clean eyeliner was draw out

You guys were missed you guys too eyeliner or hand or your eyeliner lem, use cotton balls impregnated a little petroleum jelly to wipe away the stain ugly lem of eyeliner on your face.cat-eye-cotton-swabs

7. Use a mascara replace eyeliner gel

You are makeup in progress and discovered eyeliner gel over. Use a small brush to borrow a little eyeliner black ink from … mascara and eyeliner gel turns them into.eyeliner-gel

8. Seductive smokey eyes by cotton swab

You can visit the day makeup style with simple eyeliner to night makeup style with seductive smokey eyes just by using a toothpick to rub section ink eyeliner spread out around.seductive-smokey-eyes-by-cotton-swabs

9. Effect larger eyes with white eyeliner

Use white eyeliner, or nude drawing a line right under your eyelid. This little trick will not only help make your eyes look bigger, but also help give you a sparkling eyes and vivid. white-eyeliner

10. Keep sticky bun hair by curling

You want to keep the sticky part of his fake hair curling add one more day? Just hair swept up into a loose bun and use hairpins fixed and overnight. The next morning, you will have a choppy stream desirable. Or you can plaited her hair and left overnight to get beautiful curls naturally when you wake up. Remember not tight braids to prevent hair loss.sticky-bun-hair

11. Adjust bangs dirty hair with baby powder

The tail behind your hair perfectly okay but bangs were greasy. You can make your dirty bangs hair pieces by columns compact rear up and bangs just washed and dried. If you are too lazy to wash your hair, just spray a little baby powder on top of the head, and tossed back bangs and brushing until the white powder disappears. Baby powder helps absorb excess oil away portions on your hair and rescue you from the situation unattractive greasy hair.adjust-bangs-dirty-hair-with-baby-powder


The key help young age of 10 immediately

We’ve heard a lot of the secrets to healthy and living longer young, such as wine, cheese, music, dance … But the reality in general, women still prefer and desired features is its spring must be seen most obviously in their own bodies, such as skin, hair, or face …

Beauty before this story is always an arduous path, but how to hold the definition of youth as long as possible was the story harder for women. We can not fight five months and one day older stories from the Creator, but with artistic makeup, you absolutely can! Understanding this mind, today we introduce to you the full expertise advice of professionals makeup so you can “cheat” his real age a most effective way. Check out what secrets it offline!

Tip 1: Cream Skin Photosensitive

Brightness and humidity are two most characteristic expression on a child’s skin. Tips for you is to use photosensitive skin cream or pastel blocks, focusing on parts around the eyes, nose and top of cheekbone to help skin look brighter and smoother feel more vital moisture. cream-skin-photosensitive

Tip 2: Brown Eye Makeup

The makeup artists recommend you to choose brown instead of black as eyeshadow eyeliner or brushing. They concluded that black makes you look smaller eyes and have become “extreme”, “hard” rather than the correct style of an old woman commanded. Use chocolate brown eyeliner with a little sparkle effect. Dark colors like red plum and a hint not bad, they just different, outstanding personality, extremely warm again.brown-eye-makeup

Tip 3: Soft Brows

Asian women who now have hobbies and eyebrow shaping horizontal frame. But experts point out that makeup, eyebrow shape is filled with rigid and artificial, because in fact no one born to have less long straight eyebrows like that. Advice they give is that you do “calming” your eyebrows by drawing  eyebrows gently, a paler color your hair a little, and so those driven by shape eyebrows grow naturally, not so squeeze them into a prototype for such a well makes you older.eyebrow

Tip 4: Use cream instead of powder

When it comes to reviews blush, you should brush cheeks with cream instead of powder material powder for ice cream cheek and blend seamlessly into your skin color penetrates immediately, not diffuse, not causing effects small backlog pollen on the skin. Moreover, the use of whipped cream blush also make you look younger.cream-blush

Tip 5: Avoid What Sparkling Effect

Avoid using anything that would constitute makeup sparkling effect. Maybe you think they’ll make me younger, but the result was quite the opposite: the sparkle may denounce your real age by making visible facial wrinkles. Instead, if you want a bit of shade for accenting looks chic, opt for products with frosted effect, soft leather (satin) or produce certain packets.makeup

Tip 6: A Bright Hair Color

When it comes to hair, if you want to grow younger than 10 years old, be dyed a light-colored hair, or black instead of the traditional deep color. A dark hair will make your skin look dull and better follow and show wrinkles. Besides, the experts recommend to a bright hair color but not mean they’re too “flashed” or difference. Please choose a light natural tones, abstinence, consistent with age, work and life.light-brown-wavy-hair

Tip 7: Warm Skin

Makeup artists recommend that you use those pastel colors create a warm or a substrate block warmth around the face. This will cause the skin and shades your face looks younger lot. Choose cardboard honey, golden copper, they also make your wrinkles and loss of softer too.warm-skin

Tip 8: Keep hair healthy shine

The hair is also a very important part of the beauty. A threadbare hair, disheveled and dull just as your real age denounce more. So you take care carefully hair like your skin, by a hair mask at least once a week, use a conditioner and topical creams / hair brewed regularly.hair-healthy

Tip 9: Notes To The Hairline

The final tip from experts: Please pay attention to the hairline. They recommend that you go put your hairline 1 time per month. Once appear the black leg, immediately look you seem older and have the “neglect”, not his stylish, beauty care about like an old person indeed.hairline

6 makeup tips that changed your life.

If you believe you have any technical knowledge of makeup, then you should think again.

Does your makeup has brought the best performance? If we say that you can look better with a few makeup tips, you believe it? Please make your lips fuller, brighter eyes and faces light up with 6 makeup tips below:

1. Pencil eyeliner without smudged

eyelinerIf you’re looking for a long-lasting eyeliner, try to gel eyeliner. You also do not have to buy this type of gel eyeliner. Just holding out your eyeliner on fire about 15 seconds then let cool for about 15 seconds. Your eyeliner softer, gel-forming structures, which are more easily spread and when the gel is dried, it will long drift and less smudged than normal.

2. Make eye brighter white-eyeliner

White eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger and brighter than if you spread the white eyeliner on the inside of the eyelids. You can also use white eyeliner on the eyelids then spread pastels to create depth to the eyes.

3. DIY lip glosslip-gloss-handmade

You can create a unique type of lip gloss by mixing liquid or powder eyeshadow with a hint of mineral oil and apply to lips. Feeling very cool and sparkling your lips will look shimmering!

4. Fuller lipslipstick

If you have dry lips, use lip gloss or creamy lipstick. This lipstick acts as a form of lip moisturizer, capable of lip balm 2 times and the form of bars makes your lips look fuller.

5. The long-lasting makeup long-lasting-makeup

If you sweat a lot, let’s apply a layer of talcum powder odorless on eyes to absorb sweat. Take this extra step before makeup combined with greaseproof paper. Your makeup will keep longer controlled by the sweat on face.

6. Create a block for lipscreate-a-block-for-lips

To create perfect block to lips, you should use the pencil liner and lipstick the same color. Draw the letter “X” on the lips on and then to paint the rest of lipstick.

10 Useful Tips Make-up, Girls Should Not Be Overlooked.

Let’s go through these useful tips to help you better makeup and more beautiful!

1. Get the freshness for makeup.

After 3-4 hours of makeup, your face looked tired and would start out oil sheen. To remove oil and refresh makeup, gently pat cotton over face first toner layer. Finally the government covered up a chalk layer.


2. Handling greasy hair immediately.

If greasy hair, because greasy or sticky scalp while the hair care products, sprinkle with a little chalk on to the hairline, then brushing them, greasy hair will be improved immediately.


3. Moisturize in just few minutes.

Use conditioner to moisten hair and your body. Then spread it from neck to toe, then rinse and wipe dry. Conditioner will replace the moisturizer effect without having to wait for it permeates.


4. Nursing beautiful nails.

Wash off nail polish, use lemon and rub onto the nail surface using a moisturizer or lip balm applied to the skin beneath the nail.


5. Use pink to cover skin flaws.

Suprise! Use concealer only half as effective this way only. To help your skin really perfect (though how your skin is), try a lipstick with a pink light (warm pink). It will distract the eyes of everyone from your facial defects.lipstick

6. Create a wavy hair without machinery.

Wet hands with water and a drop of hand lotion in order to easily remove the tangles. Then gently twist each small scurried in the direction to face. After 10 minutes, let down hair. And you’ve got a real ripple natural hair without risk of heat damage to the hair of machinery.wavy-hair

7. Focus on the frontally.

When you’re folding but still wet hair, dry the hair frontally: hair pieces and hair pieces on both sides of hugging face. You will be have better look that did not take long time.hair

8. Help the eyes become attractive.

Eyeliner is the fastest way to get a seductive eyes, without attracting many complicated steps. A thin line close your eyelids will make it look better.eyeliner

9. Ponytail youthful.

Ponytail is simple but never out of fashion. Add a further advantage of this hairstyle besides matching the majority of the face, is that will help your face look brighter, more cheerful. Swipe up all the hair (scratch hair with your fingers instead strategy will create a more natural look to it), use elastic to tie hair and using a lock of hair wrapped around to cover elastic is stable.ponytail

10. Retrieve looks bright for face.

To look you more bright after a long night, use a concealer in stern eyes, below the lower lashes and two side bow wave. With a little more pastel blocks on cheek and confidence to start a new day.concealer

8 Great Skills Really Cool For Makeup

Use duct tape to cat eyeliner, thick and long ponytail in a flash, fastness lipstick … all canbe found in the article below.

1, Cover dark circles eyes with lipstick:

It sounds crazy, but you can completely cover dark circles around your eyes with a lipstick, then take makeup brushes or makeup sponge blend well concealer to share lipstick around your eyes and you have dark circles obnoxious disappear. Continue as normal makeup with powder coated, mascara, blush…

The girl with fair skin should use a concealer yellow with pink lipstick, and girl has medium skin tone should choose an orange lipstick and a matching red lipstick to cover dark circles eye with her tan skin.

2, Double click eyeliner and lashes at once:

If you can not control eyeliner because backhand or the vibration arm, the following tips will be very useful for you. Use eyeliner pencil draws a thin line at the top of your eyelash curler and then press as usual. You just get a curved lashes and a line extremely perfect eyeliner.

3, Naturally full lips:

To get a natural full lips, 1 drop of peppermint or cinnamon essential oil into your lip gloss. It will as a mild stimulant effect for sweet lips smooth stretch.

4, Cat eyeliner with tape:

Get a piece of duct tape about 3cm long and stick on your hand several times to reduces the stickiness of tape, and avoid the tail tape affixed adjacent part of your brow. Then tape at the bottom of the lower eyelid and avoid the tail tape affixed adjacent part of your brow. Use eyeliner pencil draw a thin line starting from the middle of the eye and draw the tail in the direction of the tape. Then remove the tape off and paint finish eyeliner line from the center to the eye socket and you have a sharp eyes beautiful cat.

5, Column thickness and long ponytail in a flash:


Taking part your hair and column in the upper, then use elastic hair ties, hair pieces left column below. So you have to be thick ponytail and long only in less than 1 minute.

6, Perfect nail polish:

perfect-nail-polishBefore painting your nails, apply a thin layer of Vaseline make up the skin around your finger. This will help you easily wipe away the paint layer lem out and give you a perfect manicure.

7, Eyeshadows turn into nail polish:

Your eyeshadows jars expired but still quite a lot. You can use them as a color of your nail polish. Skip eyeshadows in a small bowl and a few drops of colorless nail polish on, use a cotton swab and then stir the mixture using a brush and paints the mixture onto part of your nail. So you just take advantage of your eyeshadow jar to had a new nail polish colors.

8, Lipstick fastness:

Are you annoyed because just to get lipstick out to reapplied repeatedly for lip color fade caused by eating or talking. Only in tips, use a paper towel covering your lips, then powder coated around the lips, will help your lipstick color fastness and durability all day long.

Suggestions Gorgeous Eyeliner Styles

“Window of the Soul” will become large, round, bright gaze, astute and more agile. Therefore, consult and pocketed some type “eyeliner” to be able to use any time you want.

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Hope you will enjoy this article!