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The key help young age of 10 immediately

We’ve heard a lot of the secrets to healthy and living longer young, such as wine, cheese, music, dance … But the reality in general, women still prefer and desired features is its spring must be seen most obviously in their own bodies, such as skin, hair, or face …

Beauty before this story is always an arduous path, but how to hold the definition of youth as long as possible was the story harder for women. We can not fight five months and one day older stories from the Creator, but with artistic makeup, you absolutely can! Understanding this mind, today we introduce to you the full expertise advice of professionals makeup so you can “cheat” his real age a most effective way. Check out what secrets it offline!

Tip 1: Cream Skin Photosensitive

Brightness and humidity are two most characteristic expression on a child’s skin. Tips for you is to use photosensitive skin cream or pastel blocks, focusing on parts around the eyes, nose and top of cheekbone to help skin look brighter and smoother feel more vital moisture. cream-skin-photosensitive

Tip 2: Brown Eye Makeup

The makeup artists recommend you to choose brown instead of black as eyeshadow eyeliner or brushing. They concluded that black makes you look smaller eyes and have become “extreme”, “hard” rather than the correct style of an old woman commanded. Use chocolate brown eyeliner with a little sparkle effect. Dark colors like red plum and a hint not bad, they just different, outstanding personality, extremely warm again.brown-eye-makeup

Tip 3: Soft Brows

Asian women who now have hobbies and eyebrow shaping horizontal frame. But experts point out that makeup, eyebrow shape is filled with rigid and artificial, because in fact no one born to have less long straight eyebrows like that. Advice they give is that you do “calming” your eyebrows by drawing  eyebrows gently, a paler color your hair a little, and so those driven by shape eyebrows grow naturally, not so squeeze them into a prototype for such a well makes you older.eyebrow

Tip 4: Use cream instead of powder

When it comes to reviews blush, you should brush cheeks with cream instead of powder material powder for ice cream cheek and blend seamlessly into your skin color penetrates immediately, not diffuse, not causing effects small backlog pollen on the skin. Moreover, the use of whipped cream blush also make you look younger.cream-blush

Tip 5: Avoid What Sparkling Effect

Avoid using anything that would constitute makeup sparkling effect. Maybe you think they’ll make me younger, but the result was quite the opposite: the sparkle may denounce your real age by making visible facial wrinkles. Instead, if you want a bit of shade for accenting looks chic, opt for products with frosted effect, soft leather (satin) or produce certain packets.makeup

Tip 6: A Bright Hair Color

When it comes to hair, if you want to grow younger than 10 years old, be dyed a light-colored hair, or black instead of the traditional deep color. A dark hair will make your skin look dull and better follow and show wrinkles. Besides, the experts recommend to a bright hair color but not mean they’re too “flashed” or difference. Please choose a light natural tones, abstinence, consistent with age, work and life.light-brown-wavy-hair

Tip 7: Warm Skin

Makeup artists recommend that you use those pastel colors create a warm or a substrate block warmth around the face. This will cause the skin and shades your face looks younger lot. Choose cardboard honey, golden copper, they also make your wrinkles and loss of softer too.warm-skin

Tip 8: Keep hair healthy shine

The hair is also a very important part of the beauty. A threadbare hair, disheveled and dull just as your real age denounce more. So you take care carefully hair like your skin, by a hair mask at least once a week, use a conditioner and topical creams / hair brewed regularly.hair-healthy

Tip 9: Notes To The Hairline

The final tip from experts: Please pay attention to the hairline. They recommend that you go put your hairline 1 time per month. Once appear the black leg, immediately look you seem older and have the “neglect”, not his stylish, beauty care about like an old person indeed.hairline


Style Eyebrows Denounce Your Desire About Power.

Are you passionate about power, have leadership qualities and will certainly succeed. Style eyebrows partially revealed to us about that.


Type A: You do not desire power.

People with type natural eyebrows like this often uninterested, just think of peaceful life is the final destination. You said that the infighting, scramble them tired, under pressure, while with your talent, you extra strength to create wealth to live in abundance. However, you radiate strange attraction and always influential to those around them. So the opportunity to seize power to you very much. If accepted grasp, you will do very well on leadership.

Type B: You are very ambitious power.

You prefer to be ‘masked’ to anyone what you do to everything to be perfect. You are assertive and have the qualities outlined directions for a group of people. You own talent for speaking, charismatic people. All the good qualities of a leader are converging on you.
More importantly, you have the passion and desire to be standing at the helm. Therefore, you will dispose of any opportunity, enlist the support of everyone to climb the seat of honor. In fact, if you are respected, you will not regret your effort to devote to collective.eyebrows

Type C: You are smart and prefer power.

This style eyebrows show that your dominant personality is clever, witty and knows how to read the opponent psychologically. Despite limited understanding in some areas is not strong, but you still confident, managed well in all situations. Speaking of power, you are interested and want to be preached put into leadership positions.
You are confident that just as in the highest position, all your qualities can promote. If just a normal person, life will be miserable, wasted talent. Should strive at all costs to have fame since she was very young.

Type D: You rebel, against power.

Not to the extent you against the world, every principle in nature, but you like to do things your own way. You believe that if something is not useful, it should dismiss and change. Your easygoing temperament that hard to survive in environments with multiple rule constraints.
The result is that you not only do not desire for power, but also opposed to live, work your own way. Even so, you still treat everyone with respect so you are not isolated.

4 Ways To Preserve Cosmetics In Summer Heat

You love your cosmetics and wants to take care of it the right way.

Hot weather, high temperatures are the cause of many cosmetic products decreased longevity. Please join us for the following article to have certain knowledge about how to preserve cosmetics in summer.

1. Position for cosmetics:

The best place to preserve cosmetics and makeup tools is put it in your bedroom. Avoid bringing it into the bathroom because bacteria will more easily penetrate in the bathroom. Bedrooms will have light and the best temperature for preserving cosmetic and makeup tools. In hot weather, your bedroom easily absorb heat and become “sweltering”, and put all of cosmetics on the dressing table is not recommended. Now you should put cosmetics in baskets / boxes of paper to enter the wooden drawers.



In summer, when temperatures exceed 40°C, you should not let cosmetics in cars, and do not let the makeup cosmetic products near a TV, computer because the heat from these items prone to change the structure of cosmetics. Lipsticks with temperature resistance least, foundation or pastels also spoil faster if you regularly put in the trunk of the motorcycle.

2. Classification of cosmetics with functional:

You should purchase a few different colored baskets for packaging cosmetic products separately, if you have time, you should notes and pasted on cosmetics on opening day for cosmetics can be used to when. If it do not have expire date or you forget it.



3. Regular hygiene makeup tools:

This is also where the potential for producing bacteria and harming your health, so please regularly clean your cosmetics collection!



– With skin care products (creams, serums …): Using medical alcohol on a cotton pads and then wipe bleach bottle cap and bottle body to disinfect and scrub cosmetics dropped out or left. Then remember to tighten the lid of cosmetics avoid water evaporation.
– With lipstick: Use a paper towel to gently wipe clean the lid and trunk lip is then closed.
– With eyeshadows and cosmetic powder: First, use cotton pads to remove once to clean the residue powder grade, then use medical alcohol on a cotton pads to remove, wipe again perioral lid, mirror , open and leave it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight for about 5 minutes and then close it and put away.

4. There should be stored cosmetics in the refrigerator?

In fact, today there are many cosmetic companies on the market advises users to preserve the product in a cool refrigerator compartment. If you are the kind of meticulously marked “should be stored in the refrigerator” on packaging, you should follow the instruction manual. Especially cosmetics handmade, very short shelf life, it should be stored in cool refrigerator compartment. Or if you want peace of mind in the preservation of cosmetics, please buy yourself a dedicated cooler for storing cosmeticsgoo.gl/9FYcHr



Makeup for hot days.

These steps to makeup for withstand sweat on hot days.

Hot weather can turn face your perfect makeup to become a disaster. However, that does not mean you have to stop makeup in hot sunny days. Here are tips to help you have a layer of make-up was “solid” but still felt comfortable.



1) Weapon helps make up more durable substrate and not “melt” in hot weather is a fixed solution (makeup setting spray). You probably are familiar with the use of this solution ultimately help skin more modern but it uses external. But in addition it uses, setting spray also creates a cool dry lining, velvety help foundation clinging to the skin firmer and harder to “move” more. Therefore, the first step is to setting spray all over the entire surface(but do not forget to moisturize the skin before it).



2) After setting spray has dried, the next step is to apply cream liner (primer) on the T-zone, two side nose and chin area philtrum. Cream leather lining not only to helps control oil, but also cover pores efficiently, gives your skin a velvety and foundation penetrates the skin more.

3) To create a velvety smooth substrate that remains dry and clear in the heat, you should use water chalk or long-lasting foundation (long-wear waterproof / sweatproof). When using makeup brushes, spread short streaks crossed. This will help your background layer is not visible every streak when you sweating.

Note: If you need to use concealer (concealer), select the type of waterproof to ensure it does not slip when met sweat and please spread the concealer with a sponge to create maximum efficiency and still cover most natural.



4) After having finished the foundation, do not forget to cover the skin a very thin layer of loose powder foundation layer for it.



5) With eyebrows, you should choose the pencil with wax or pencil wax component because they firmly attach more and more difficult to break powder / powder eyebrow pencil. Many kinds of eyebrow pencil and wax those eyebrows capable waterproof (waterproof) and that’s what you need to succumb to sweat.



6) In this weather, it’s better that you take your eye makeup simple, not too many layers eyeshadow. Meanwhile, with eyeliner gel with waterproof components are simple alternatives but more effective in bringing a sharp eye and deep.



8) Waterproof mascara is also things that you should stick in hot days like this.



9) To adorn lips, use lip packets (matte), lip tint or long-lasting creamy lipstick because they are long-lasting and also more durable than other types of lipstick.

Today, eyebrows arch of star makes the girl in the world enthralled.

Perfect Eyebrows.

Along with Korean fashion horizontal eyebrows, eyebrow arch of hot girl in the world is kind of beauty is the young particularly interested.

Consider, beauty trends have created “fever” in past few years, is not difficult to realize that there are moves beauty from Korea, as dewy skin and the most recent is horizontal eyebrows. It is undeniable that the style beauty of this country is always hard to resist, charm and will also affect the world’s girls a short time no more. However, in parallel with that, recently, many girls are enthralled to the eyebrows arch of the current girl.





One of the most prominent on the face of this girls, majority owned hybrid Eurasian beauty extremely with eye glitter was super nice and deep. In particular, significant factors help creates attraction in their eyes is the eyebrow arch, shape full, soft, natural and extremely sharp and striking. Before the advantages of eyebrows arch, the current girlfriend had always love the new mystique hardly without reel.

In the context of horizontal eyebrow style has become so popular, even as 10 girls, up to 8 girls owns horizontal eyebrows almost so the eyebrow arch is what “familiar but strange” help young people have more choice for makeup. But with an eyebrow arch type but we can adjust to match the face: eyebrows smaller angle will be more impressive, astute; prison eyebrow angle to create the look gentle, harmonious. That was why despite the eyebrow to eyebrow pair of arch but each still has its own definition, none alike.



Overall, a real eyebrows arch thick and soft will have a great effect in creating depth and highlight your eyes. If you feel that type horizontal eyebrows seemed “irrelevant” to his face, the eyebrows arch will probably suit you better.

It can be seen that the eyebrows arch is the perfect mix between high slanted eyebrows bold of European American an horizontal eyebrows of Korean. While high slanted eyebrows a little too sharp, even cruel, horizontal eyebrows too “cheesy” and cocoon face the eyebrow arch is the ideal arithmetic average allowed. Next time, maybe you will be more and more young people towards eyebrow familiar type, but this novelty.