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Good or Bad, if your life is under control

Something related to Mobile Spy Software For Free

I and my man work in a company also in a similar IT department which has a different point which he works in hardware and I also work in software. We fall in love each other well fastly about 3 months and 3 months later we decide getting married and prepare of having baby.

girl smoking

I am a strong woman. I have got many relations and that he is a patriarchal man. He is always jealous once I have got a business trip at Ohio about 3 months also Big apple around 2 weeks and hubby shows that he doesn’t want me to go to party or spend time with everyone. He use Mobile Spy Software For Free and do the installation on my mobile to monitor my mobile to follow along with me:

– Call Recorder

Listen The Surroundings

– Text Messages

– GPS Location

– History Browser

– Access Multimedia Files

– Hack Facebook, hack Skype

– Viber Spy, Whatsapp Spy

– Key Logger

– Remote Control

Whether loving him makes me happy however I cannot accept his action. I do think about divorce but if divorces, what should i do with my son.

Prior to getting married, we quarrel for many, often times and when he always remind me about my past that i used to have a men. He get it as a reason to quarrel with me. Whenever I chat with my friends as always , he record all conversation by that Mobile Spy App and consider everything. One months since our wedding day, we also quarrel, although i am pregnant. I feel he could be a selfish men and he doesn’t truly love me. And he definitely not love our baby, so he provides me with the divorce and requirements me to sign. Basically if I don’t want, he’s going to divorce singly.

We still work at a similar company, we must face to face everyday, but we don’t talk to each other to solver our matter. And I realize that everyone both know our matters. I am going to try to be good so that everyone believe that we’re seperated because he has extramarital relation while I am pregnant. Therefore, anyone who love him will probably have ill repute. So I of course don’t signing in divorce untill my son was 12 months under the law. I and my baby’ll have a good and happy life. I’ll find out who I am just before meeting him. Because of that Mobile Spy App, i can understand he’s the type of people don’t deserve my love.


Top applications best for GALAXY S5

Top rotary screen applications Galaxy S5

You’re watching a movie or a video clip extremely nicely on a website and want to keep it to carry out review, screen capture software for Android will help you do that.
Let’s imagine, you own a Galaxy S5 productions and recently has had a cool video and humor, you want to turn it back to be able to review at any time but is not known to use software to help you do that. This article will introduce you to rotate the screen app Galaxy S5, or even you want more feature. top-applications-best-for-galaxy-s5

Today there are plenty of apps to help you rotate the screen and below are a few apps for your reference:

1. Rec: Application interface is very simple Rec

– A screen capture application interfaces and custom work is fairly simple, it has the ability to support users to set parameters bit rate with a maximum recording time. When you set up is complete, click the “Record” to start the recording.
– Further application Rec also has recording function. When pressing the “record” before the screen of Galaxy S5 is recorded. The application has two versions were free version and paid version, with the premium you can only shoot a maximum of 5 minutes and 30 recordings. So if possible, you should use the fee to use the application a most efficient way.

2. For KitKat Screen Recorder

This app is a free download and it only supports devices running Android KitKat. For KitKat Screen Recorder interface is used relatively simple set that supports the resolution and adjust the parameters Bitrate and countdown. The downside of this app is only available for recording screen in 3-minute intervals, so you should only use it when rotating the screen with short durations.

3. SCR Screen Recorder Free 5+: Is a free application but very professional

– This is a free application but SCR Screen Recorder Free has a very professional operation. Particularly when it is activated on the device’s screen will appear 3 choices were recording, installation and exits.
– It is the same with the other applications that allows users to adjust the parameters bitrate, frame resizing or converting images … and the application also restrict the maximum recording time is 5 minutes form.

4. Texting Spy App

This Spy App Phone is surveillance smartphones worldwide safety millions satisfied users worldwide. Spying App works by monitoring and discreet monitoring all activities in the background of the target device not only text messages, includes:

  • Permit to listen the surroundings silently in “LIVE” created around phone.
  • Receive a copyright of all sent and received SMS messages( Sms Spy)
  • Record all dialled and received conversations (Call Recording).
  • Know the precise location through GPS equipment
  • Read all conversation: Whatsapp spy, hack Facebook, hack Skype, Viber spy….
  • Read all model email on phone.
  • Web browser.
  • Watch pictures, videos of mobile.
  • Access calls history include date/time, number/name of caller

So you have in hand some apps rotate the screen for galaxy S5 good. If you are cherished as a video guide on phone operation with short durations may use 1 of 3 apps. Good luck.