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You already know how to coordinate shirt oversized super nice yet?

Try to refer to some type of coordinate graph below.

Skinny pants

If you do not want to “swim” in the baggy shirt always have to memorize principle offset when wearing this shirt. It sounds complicated but in fact very easy: you should only combine this item with leggings, shorts hugging and especially skinny pants.

Among those tight dresses, skinny pants style outfits are gifts will give you a stylish and impressive almost immediately. Therefore, here is how to coordinate extremely safe and always effective.



Create high-low design

You want to create an alternative, impressed with a simple detail? Too easy, just a little quick-compact-light, namely the front flap of the jacket barrel plug, unbridled evil follows naturally. Only detailed “petite little beige” This alone is a form you have created high-low fashion design, dress making less monotonous parts and know.

Or, you can also twist dress style “a loss, a longer” like this. Sure, people will quickly be attracted by the image of a girl with a strong personality and is not afraid to “play” with the dress as you.



Shorts / skirts high waistband

A measure of “cheating” the length of the foot pole “astounding” that is plugged barrel oversized shirt and shorts / skirt high waistband. The eyes of the person opposite will not be able to leave rates awfully perfect body as well as the personality that this duo brings. If the distribution of the shorts denim leggings and high, wide tube, you’ll have a playful fashion style, fresh and bring some vintage. And if you want to build the image of a girl mature, mature, be combined shirt and skirt high leggings, tight and respect your physique.




Take advantage of the oversized shirt as a jacket layer is also not a bad suggestion. You can combine this type of shirt with the T-shirt or tank-top printed with a funny, smoke eyes. The tone she preferred the momentum that still require dynamic, flexible from costumes then combine wide design shirts and tank-dress or a maxi skirt. Class shirt “oversized” This will help us both effective sun protection is extremely fashionable again recently. coat-shirt-oversized




9 outfits suitable for all body

Whether you’re tall or short, fat or thin, whatever style you like, the dress after all may suit you.

1/ Crop top

The shirt has a short crop top moderately ingenious cover part of your belly fat ugly but revealing very beautiful hips. In addition, crop top also makes your legs look slender and longer. You can combine them with a high-waisted pants or wear them outside a sleeveless or halter vest two hug.crop-tops

2/ Blazer no stock

The delicate lines and neat blazer jacket will help you cover the neck no weaknesses as well as your body looks more luxury and style. However, you should choose the clothes fit your body instead of clothes too wide or too short.blazer-no-stock

3/ Jogger pants

You can not underestimate the T-jogger pants offline. They may look simple and somewhat boring but can make your legs look longer. Wear them below the waist and ensure pipes are located right ankle to have the best effect. You can combine them with a high-heeled shoes if you want to break a little. Despite short legs or long legs, the kind of dress is still very fit.jogger-pants

4/ Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt suit almost every girl. It exalted femininity and elegance of you. Design Slim hips down to the thigh makes you look neat but extremely charming. Do not worry, be confident expressing your intriguing!pencil-skirt

5/ Mist dresses

There is no dress style could fit every physique as mist dresses. It’s trendy, lovely and also very feminine. You do not need to worry about measurements or defect on his body. Feel free to choose a dress like that and that suits you best.mist-dresses

6/ Flared tube skirts

With its compact design hugs your hips and flared out at the rear, tube skirts flared help your waist look slimmer and create the illusion that other people do not know where the starting point of your foot, synonymous with the short leg to hide defects. Ideally, you should choose the skirts above the knee a bit.flared-tube-skirts

7/ Boyfriend jeans pants

The truth is that these pants help your flattering than skinny jeans pants. Style and comfort of our extensive help conceal leg or foot to bend. In addition, you will look extremely stylish and sophisticated as this costume area.boyfriend-jeans-pants

8/ Co-ords

You often have trouble with tight waisted dresses? Do not worry, those of co-ords are your “savior” for you. With separation between part design shirt and skirt, they give you great comfort without having sunken abdomen or fast as other dresses that are very fashionable there.coord

9/ Midi skirt

Many people think the only fashion midi skirt suit with her long legs. However, as long as your midi skirt is located just below the knee, we will help your legs look longer. This type of skirt suit many different body shape.midi-skirt

10 dresses indispensable in the wardrobe of the girl

You’ve always loved jeans, T-shirts, shirts because they are the most basic items in the wardrobe, the “cure” for the time you do not know what to wear or need to choose an outfit quickly-compact, so maybe you will not be able to ignore the simple dresses and following basic.

Of course, they will not cool properly or catch the latest fashion trends because the dress is always fashionable and is the type of dress that every woman should own. Just get into, zips and you’re done! Are you ready to “respond” to a sudden appointment even during the busiest days.

Black dress (little black dress)

This cute little dress is extremely flexible, can be appropriate for all ages, anytime, anywhere. Black dress hides imperfections on body off the wearer, making them more confident. Please choose a black dress with cut lines design simple but striking but not too flash, may be suitable for both work and go out, to parties. Extra points for less monotonous dress with pearl jewelry offers classic, elegant or more red lips sensual, creating unforgettable charm.black-dress

Cocktail dress

You can dress them in large parties or party with friends. You should choose a cocktail dress with bright colors, or choose materials sequin, studded rhinestones to attract all glances. Notice, not accenting overboard with accessories if too prominent dress!colorful-cocktail-dress

Associated dress colorful

Style simple dress, gentle that you simply put on – is something you can not lack in closet. Dress Designs simple but very handy, fit to go to work, go shopping, eating or dating … More coordinating accessories are key can make dresses flexibility and can be applied in every situation.associated-dress-colorful

Wrap dress

For the first time in the world introduced by fashion brands Diane von Furstenberg in 1972, so far with dress has chest wrap remains an ideal choice for you.wrap-dress

Seductive lace dress

For several years now, “lace” always been in favor and was selected as the main material for a wide variety of costumes. And the dress, of course will be the first choice. Lace dress brings feminine, gentle and can radiate the charm, the mystery of lady.seductive-lace-dress

Deviation shoulder dress

The deflection shoulder dress, or slanted cross cuts, hi-low, the asymmetry brings rebellion, daring in your fashion style. This helps bring seductive contours of the body and makes you stand out. deviation-shoulder-dress

Long dress to party

Do you ever think you’ll never need a long formal dress? Well, actually, they are very “GOOD”! A wedding, big party, the special prom … you will never feel lost.long-dress

Shirtdress classic

The gentle dress is the perfect combination of shirt and skirt, both dynamic, feminine fit. A waist belt will tighten reinforces the attraction for clothes and your body type.shirtdress-classic

Summer dress

The dress is made from cotton fabric is thin, light and extremely bright colors in an area suitable for hot days or occasions seafarers. You combine with sandal soles and a wide-brimmed hat for simple styles or more accessories and heels to become more attractive. However, in-season period, you can also view this dress with a light jacket, cardigan or adding a leather socks, leggings to keep warm.summer-dress

Maxi dress

The dress is always in the “top” fashion items are most popular, especially when the summer. Please choose a dress with color or print detailed, delicate fabrics to be present from the office to the dating. Combined with a prominent sandals or even you can wear a maxi dress and a pair of flip-flops for maximum comfort.maxi-dressmaxi-dresses

Ten “Special Items” EVERY GIRL MUST HAVE

What girl into the street without lipstick is not intelligent to do pretty, girl do not know singing is really bad, girl slim only sadness in heart that there is no “advisor” to recourse the idiot.

That words overheard by and thought just joking, but behind is the whole experience essential. Life takes place in every moment and you do not necessarily always have to be “dominant”, but also do not let you innocence, ask whatever you did not know, or did not like. It’s boring when we have to talk with someone who is not good at something, do not know self want what or need what. Do not let you become passive girl! Take to yourself have at least 10 people “friend” of the following:

1. A Favorite Funny Story:

If accidentally “touch” in a group of people who do not know each other or space seems too awkward, funny story like that this piece of you can help people to connect with each other more easily. Laugh will “break the ice” and the opponents can silently thank your flair. Humor has always been appreciated everywhere and everyone loves to stay near the joker. If that turns humor into your own personality, ensuring that you’ll never be afraid of loneliness.

2. The Most Popular Costumes:

This costumes gives you confidence and beautiful in special occasions. Should choose a safe costume, easy to wear, easy to move, sit and eat without revealing weaknesses in the body. The colors and design styles as well as a very important fabric helps people only see you once that nostalgically. A dress with hair styles, accessories, right tone can make people have a completely new look for you, they really can change perspective about you. costumes

3. Favorite Sport:

Please choose a subject any and pursue it, it will help you de-stress and have beautiful body. Not to mention you can make others surprised to have the opportunity to compete in a certain pleasure. Generally sport should be a companion of women, it helps you to live longer and more resilient.

4. The Favorite Comedy:

Consider it as sad or lonely, you will feel happy and more optimistic. Invite people are sad to watch comedy, it would make them happier, wouldn’t it?

5. Familiar Cafe:

What’s cooler by dating him in a space that makes you feel comfortable, familiar? Determine meeting places is always a problem quite a headache for most of us. If you know a restaurant has delicious drinks, nutritious, quality, beautiful layout, space pleasant but not too far away, then you are the best. Favorite cafe also shows an part of your personality.cafe

6. A Favorite Song:

This save you embarrassment and take time to think when asked to sing at a party. You learn to sing this song, chose not too small but meaningful lyrics a bit, or a song is “hot” for example. It would be great if you have a memory associated with the songs to be able to share with everyone. Enticement everyone vocals or clapping, dancing illustration is one way to find you extremely confident and vivacious. Particularly dare stand up in the crowd also sang and a few men admire you then.

7. Quiche Dish:

Despite hobby cook or not, you should still “player available” doing a few basic dishes. Cooking is a skill that any woman should have to give yourself and also other people. If you are notoriously and can not cook, so in a certain occasion, make him surprised and touched by the delicious dishes that you yourself perform from A to Z. Cook a favorite dish, is also essential in the meeting has exchange is accompany cooking. Who is the best cook is sure to record high points.

8. The Best Advisor:

This will be the person to bring you the most useful advice in all cases. Look for someone like that to yourself and it could be anybody. Military engineers who understand you without you having to explain, no evaluation or judgment that will listen to your heart. The advisor who help you relieved before any storm and just talk to them, you see dark clouds suddenly disappear.

9. Favorite Lipstick:

It only takes 5 seconds to carmine, but the difference that this action creates is huge. One can only carmine without makeup. Missing lipstick, your face will pale without accents. You are women, in bags must always have a lipstick.lipstick

10. Tourist Destination Makes You Most Comfortable:

This will be the place you go to to relieve sorrow or think about old memories. Knowing about a tourist destination will turn you into “lifting” really, when have the opportunity to lead acquaintance visiting that place. Friends will be grateful to you for being true delight fun, discover amazing things that did not worry too expensive prices. Funding as tour guide will make you more likeable in the eyes of everyone.