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The effective beauty secrets every girlfriend should know

We will help save time but still offers incredibly efficient in your daily beauty.

1. Put makeup remover right bed’s head

Go to bed with makeup on his face intact would be the cause of acne and skin irritation. Put makeup remover right bed’s head, will help you to remember to always remove makeup before bed if you are too tired and intend to go to bed but did not want to wash makeup on face.makeup-remover-toner

2. Cover the nail error by attaching stone

The best way to be able to cover the layer of nail polish your imperfections are using stones or lamé studded nail polish up on your finger like this. It is not only durable and long adhesion but also provide glitter effects to your fingers.nail-polish

3. Use a hair dryer to dry the cream layer

If you can not patiently wait for the creamlayer, Tonner or sunscreen to dry thoroughly so that you can begin applying your makeup on, a hair dryer will be the savior for you in this case. Some specific products as Tonner lotion or sunscreen needs to completely dry and saturate your skin before you start to makeup and hair dryers can accelerate the skin to help absorb quick skincare products listed above.dry-the-cream-layer

4. Use lipstick to makeup

In one day, if you feel too lazy to makeup but fear your skin looks dull and pale, you only need one magic lipstick and scattering them along your cheekbones, forehead and sometimes lips, then spread evenly with your fingers. It will help you get a face ruddy and full of vitality. lipstick-to-makeup

5. Create volumes and highlight the face with principle No. 3

Creating volumes and highlight the face never so easy with principles 1, 2, 3. To highlight your face, you can use 2 tones lighter highlight powder than your face and draw a number 3 with the top starting above the eyebrows, the middle section 3 is located above the cheekbone and part right tail jaw line.

To create volume, use concealer two shades darker than your skin tone and draw some 3 reverse (like the shape of the letter E), starting from mid-forehead, the middle portion of bone beneath mounds cheek and tail section located below the jaw bone. Then, use your hands or brush to blend well to get a perfect makeup.highlight-makeup

6. Use a cotton swab to clean eyeliner was draw out

You guys were missed you guys too eyeliner or hand or your eyeliner lem, use cotton balls impregnated a little petroleum jelly to wipe away the stain ugly lem of eyeliner on your face.cat-eye-cotton-swabs

7. Use a mascara replace eyeliner gel

You are makeup in progress and discovered eyeliner gel over. Use a small brush to borrow a little eyeliner black ink from … mascara and eyeliner gel turns them into.eyeliner-gel

8. Seductive smokey eyes by cotton swab

You can visit the day makeup style with simple eyeliner to night makeup style with seductive smokey eyes just by using a toothpick to rub section ink eyeliner spread out around.seductive-smokey-eyes-by-cotton-swabs

9. Effect larger eyes with white eyeliner

Use white eyeliner, or nude drawing a line right under your eyelid. This little trick will not only help make your eyes look bigger, but also help give you a sparkling eyes and vivid. white-eyeliner

10. Keep sticky bun hair by curling

You want to keep the sticky part of his fake hair curling add one more day? Just hair swept up into a loose bun and use hairpins fixed and overnight. The next morning, you will have a choppy stream desirable. Or you can plaited her hair and left overnight to get beautiful curls naturally when you wake up. Remember not tight braids to prevent hair loss.sticky-bun-hair

11. Adjust bangs dirty hair with baby powder

The tail behind your hair perfectly okay but bangs were greasy. You can make your dirty bangs hair pieces by columns compact rear up and bangs just washed and dried. If you are too lazy to wash your hair, just spray a little baby powder on top of the head, and tossed back bangs and brushing until the white powder disappears. Baby powder helps absorb excess oil away portions on your hair and rescue you from the situation unattractive greasy hair.adjust-bangs-dirty-hair-with-baby-powder


17 super efficient waxing tips women should not ignore

Waxing is not simply…. just the knife up and shave. For the hair removal is safe, “smoother” and painless, the girls still need the following tips.

Waxing is the work that all modern women are mindful to be seen as clean, tidy and caring for the body, especially the skin bikini and underarm areas. There are many ways for women to “clean up” the body, such as a razor (often make hair grow back faster and harder), hair removal cream, hot wax (used for a wide range of skin such as hands, feet, back), stickers (for small areas like mustache, eyebrows) or laser (supposedly permanent hair removal method) …

Either way or another, once made the hairs naturally disappear from the body in an unnatural way, you need to know how, as well as skin care regime especially. For the hair removal is safe, “smoother” and painless, the girl who needed the following tips:waxing-painless

1. Exfoliation from 1- 2 days before waxing

Exfoliation before waxing cleaning effect dead cells, helps the hair removal more effective. Thus, we can clean those stubborn feathers or hidden under the skin, helps the cause waxing results thoroughly. Additionally, you can also apply body cream before 2-3 days to soften the skin before waxing!

2. Replace the razor after use 3 times

Can you pay a little attention to the razor too, just use the first one until the new drop unusable. But such is dangerous for the skin, a dull razor blades means no cleaning hairy, and easy to cause red spots on the skin because needs strength when shaving. You should always use a razor shall not exceed 3 times, and it is best to replace them after every shave.

3. Skin cream

Before and after waxing the skin should be careful nursing. Previous lotion will help to soften the skin, then the waxing is done more easily, without causing damage to the skin. Often after waxing the skin has suffered significant impacts, so you should continue to take care of your skin with lotion.body-skin-cream

4. The time for waxing

Many mornings you choose to shave their legs to begin a new day, but it’s not a good time to do this, instead you should shave in the evening will give more perfect results and helps dissipate be at the maximum. You should also avoid waxing on the day, “red light”, for those days on the body have changed, you may be prolonged pain.

Also, you should not waxing after a hot bath, because then the pores will gape, the waxing will inadvertently hurt the foot skin pores special area. You should wax coat before bathing or later at least 1 hour.

5. Frequency waxing

Whether you choose the frequency manner done too often is not good for the skin. Most of us like to “treat” them immediately seeing new hairs sprout, but so that you are doing harm to your skin. Frequency of waxing is the best advice is 4 weeks 1 times. In particular, dermatologists still recommend that we should let the hairs in the bikini and leg length from 5 – 10 mm, the new implementation of subsequent waxing.

6. Wax hair properly

Each time waxing,doctor’s advice is that you use “special cream” to achieve the most effective and safe. Use one hand to pull your skin tight, then using the other hand started shaving exact lines, gently and carefully. If you have ingrown hairs, please shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the direction of hair growth will increase the risk of hair ingrown.

7. Use a conditioner if no shaving cream

Use any conditioner or lotion cream to replace the shaving cream in the unfortunate case no longer. This makes for a smoother travel razor and limit scratching the skin.girl-hair-remover-cream

8. Try waxing dry to see the reaction of the skin

Maybe you’ve heard is not to shave dry skin but the fact that there are some people who do this and their results are a smooth skin cleaner. The body of each person will have different mechanisms of action should before to do something, you can try to see the reaction of the skin like you wait?

9. Choose sharp blade

One of the worst things you can do damage to the skin is shaved with a dull blade. This not only is painful skin that you are more likely to face the situation ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Instead, always choose a sharp razor, apply a bit of shaving cream or moisturizer to reduce friction and soothe the skin while shaving.

10. No waxing the skin injured

When skin lesions such as abrasions, blistering, sores, acne grows … we absolutely should not perform waxing, as this may “helping hand” to heal wounds more difficult. Not only that, it also can cause more severe damage, while creating the conditions for the bacteria to enter and cause further harm. Therefore, we should only waxing the skin healthy and not see any injuries!

11. Never horizontal sliding blade

A simple thing to note is that if you accidentally slid horizontally razor, your skin will be cut very hurts.

12. Use multiple blade razor

Razor blades, the more your fur cleaned more efficiently and effectively. Also, feel free to use the razor products for men.multiple-blade-razor

13. Select the form of wax

With thin and sensitive skin characteristics, you will need a waxing method used softer as the portion of wax applied to the skin to jerk up and did not use a dedicated cloth. This method helps to take away the skin hairs without much pain.

14. Soak the skin in water

Soaked to the skin before waxing wax will help the hairs more soft and easy to bleach. You can shower before waxing the bikini area and remember to soak in water for about 20 minutes to skin and hair really soft.

Tip painless waxing – waxing process to be safe, “smoother” and painless, the girls still need the small waxing tips below.soak-the-skin-in-water

15. Taking painkillers before waxing

This can bring big difference about feeling pain while waxing. Aspirin or ibuprofen drink 45-60 minutes before the start of wax to keep painkillers to take effect. Here’s what experts advise clients wax should be done to lessen the pain of waxing.

16. Do not drink coffee before waxing

Substances capable of nerve stimulation as caffeine will make your ability to sense more sensitive and you’ll find even more pain. Therefore, you should not drink coffee or tea before you wax to avoid this happening.

17. Sugar depilation

Venerable one cup of sugar and half a lemon and ¼ cup honey. So you have a friendly solution to hair removal. Brush that solutions onto the skin area want to hair removal, use towel to clean and fast. How this wax will not harm the skin, and do not make your skin vulnerable. You can make right at home with ease.sugar-depilation

Goodbye worries makeup face ‘landmark’ when moving season

Weather turns hot and dry skin that has not been adapted prone to “mold” if makeup. What to do?

1. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is certainly indispensable step in the weekly beauty segment, especially when you regularly makeup. This step will help you get rid of the layers of peeling, dingy, return the skin appears smooth, glossy stretch. After exfoliation 1-2 times / week, remember do not forget to deep clean the skin with rose water to add smooth offline.exfoliate-regularly

2. Moisturize thoroughly

For flaking skin from drying out in the fall and winter, in addition to adequate drinking water, you have to purchase and regular moisturizing cream applied to the skin once a day 2 in the morning, evening, especially thorough massage before makeup. Moisturizers work supplying water to the skin, even with all sunscreens, anti-aging, skin always full of vitality. Some moisturizers also works to help skin tones light up each day there.

Besides moisturizer, face and mineral should be supplemented with a mask. The stars also have to enlist mask wherever to supply enough nutrients and moisture to the skin, then why should you not take advantage of facial scheduled from today anyway. You absolutely can use homemade masks from fruit or yogurt, honey … at home and choose the most suitable mask assorted skin with yourselves.moisturize-thoroughly

3. Use the brush / foam makeup

Many girls have the habit of using their hands to spread foundation / BB Cream for fast, but actually use hand movements sweep across the skin surface is not good for you. Instead, use a foundation brush to get deep penetration, make-thin, evenly, without blur. The foundation chose to remember her true similarity with skin color, if the white will be very easily exposed surface imperfections on it.

Subscriptions styrofoam foundation is also ideal for beautiful skin without her. Before makeup, make wet sucking water to add moisture to the skin during foundation.use-the-brush-or-foam-makeup

4. Powder cheek cream

Blush powder form is preferred because it is easier on the skin type, however durable creamy blush color, silky smooth and natural-looking skin clinging superior. That’s why this is the type of cosmetics Korean favorite girls, their faces help keep the look smooth and fresh.powder-cheek-cream

5. Mineral Spray

Mineral Spray after completion will cling longer chalk layer. You remember to bring a spray bottle mineral to provide moisture, restores freshness to the skin when spilled oil substrate or dingy.mineral-spray

Let’s Make Handmade Makeup Remover Pad and Sugar Waxing

Handmade Makeup Remover Pads

Did you know it’s actually super easy to make your own makeup remover pads right from home? Plus, you know what’s in them and they are healthy ingredients and no strange chemicals like other makeup removers can have. Not only is it better for your skin, but it will actually save you money too. Here is a quick and easy tutorial for Handemade Makeup Remover Pads. Simple ingredients and less than 20 minutes and they work even better than store brands. Enjoy…makeup-remover-pads


_ 1 quart wide mouth jar
_ 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil
_ 2 squirts of tear-free baby wash
_ 2 cups of purified water
_ 2 packages of cotton pads
_ Optional: Tea Tree Essential Oil (will help with acne, but should NOT be used on the eyes) or Frankincense Essential Oil (will help rejuvenate the skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)
_ Microwaveable bowl


1. Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 squirts of tear-free baby wash and 2 cups of purified water.

2. Microwave in 10-20 second increments until melted and well blended.

3. Place about 50 cotton pads in you quart jar.

4. Pour your liquid mixture over your pads in the jar. Press pads down to help soak up the liquid. Add more pads to fit, pressing down.

5. Secure lid tight and keep in a dry, cool place.

6. Use your pads to remove your makeup daily.handmade-makeup-remover-pads

Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is the most gently hair removal process at this moment, used in many beauty salons. With this recipe I will show you how simple is to prepare it at home!

Using sugar instead of traditional wax is becoming more and more a trend among women. The main reason is that sugar waxing is much less painful than traditional waxing.

This process is perfect especially if you have sensitive skin. It also offers you a gently skin exfoliation so you will end up not only with hairless but also with baby skin. And it is quite simple to make it. You do not have to be a crafty person and you sure save some money.handmade-sugar-lemon-waxing


_ 2 cups of sugar
_ 1/4 cup water
_ 1/4 cup lemon juice

The process is simple. You need to pay attention to obtain the needed texture:

1. Put all 3 ingredients in a pot and start boiling them at medium heat.

2 The sugar mixture will reach the boiling point quite fast. You need to pay attention because the composition will start making bubbles.

3. When you see the bubbles reaching the edge of the pot, switch from medium to low heat. Now you need to continuously stir until the sugar mixture becomes to have a slight caramel color.

4. In only few minutes your paste will be ready: the consistency should be like the honey.

5. You can choose to use it immediately as it will cool or you can store it in a jar and use it another time.

Sugar wax can be applied in two ways:

1. Using a wood spatula you apply the paste then place a waxing strip and pull in the direction of hair growth.

2. You form little sugar paste balls, spread them on your skin and then pull the sugar strips in the direction of hair growth.

Remember, sugar waxing is the painless hair removal method. Also is the cheapest, is natural, catches tiny hair and is very comfortable.

10 foundation creams are highest rated current for 30s

Here are ten products foundation to help women age 30 clear direction most specific and cream lines matching skin.

Upon entering their 30s, women’s skin starts losing firmness, elasticity, a condition also appears uneven skin color and wrinkles both sides of mouth, canthus. Now the humidity is savior for skin and liquid foundation products also become more relevant. It should be noted that you should pay more attention to the stages of skin care before makeup to the skin has enough moisture, smooth and no peeling. Then a step you should not ignore before applying foundation cream is Silicon cream for smooth skin, chalk will absorb into the skin more and foundation creams not stuck in the wrinkles. Now you’re ready to step with foundation creams first. Now here are ten products made by experts suggest that you have more orientation when many choices about foundation creams.

1. Foundation creams for firm skin and smooth stretch.

Product suggestions: CoverGirl Olay Facelift Effect $10.64

The foundation creams with light texture and the liquid product is most suitable for women after age 30 because they are not stuck in the wrinkles. Product CoverGirl Olay Facelift Effect is a fluid foundation adds cream ingredients and vitamins to help smooth skin stretched like schoolgirls. With most types of foundation creams, you should put cream up the middle of face and spread cream outwards. Use a damp suck to put cream on the forehead, cheeks and chin then spread outwards, do not forget the neck. Sponge will help spread thin foundation creams and more natural. You can also apply more foundation creams if need more coverage without being thick layer of makeup.


2. Foundation creams for stretch the skin healthy.

Product suggestions: Maybelline New York Superstay Better Skin $10.99

When skin lacks moisture and become dry, flaky, your face will look lifeless than usual and if you use foundation cream special form ir will only denounce your aging clearer. Maybelline New York Superstay Better Skin foundation cream is products containing ingredients lotion and SPF 20 helps protect skin before sun safer.


3. Foundation creams best color adjustment.

Product suggestions: Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation $38

Product is a foundation cream with lightly textured and contains cream but the features of this product is that it has the micro beads help adjust color, suitable for women who are uneven skin color, brown skin spots, pale skin. With this product, the best way is to dab cream by hand to temperatures from warm hand so cream can help ease cream all over the face and thin. Use your middle finger to put the cream into 5 points on the face: nose, cheeks, forehead and chin and gently using a circular motion to spread the cream outwards.


4. Foundation creams super moisturizing.

Product suggestions: Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation $5.50

The women had dry skin and wrinkles should avoid chalk compression and foundation special form because it easy stuck in wrinkles and make it more visible. You should find support foundation creams containing hyaluronic acid much to help skin retain moisture longer. Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation is a serum based products have colored beads gently help cover concealer perfections and soothing moisturizer ingredients help soften wrinkles.


5. Foundation creams with the best coverage.

Product suggestions: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation $48

Women’s skin after the age of 30 more likely to show brown spots and uneven color due to sun exposure or skin redness much by broken capillaries under the skin. With these problems, liquid foundation may not be suitable for cover and you should look for products that contain silicon like Face Atelier Ultra Foundation as smooth skin and gently stretch, soft. You should use a makeup brush, spread the cream according to the motion short to easily adjust the amount of cream to the skin should cover brown spots, redness and uneven stain color.


6. Foundation creams non-comedogenic for sensitive skin.

Product suggestions: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup $27

Many girls still face acne and and less use of foundation cream lest it causes skin pumpkin. So if you want to use foundation creams, stay away from products that contain Silicon, Mineral Oil or other substances such as Isopropyl Palmitate as thick as it would get stuck and pores causing acne worse. Products suitable for you should contain Salicylic Acid as Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup helps open the pores.


7. Foundation creams with the best grip.

Product suggestions: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Makeup $38.5

With sweating or oily skin, you should find a waterproof foundation creams to cream will not melt. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Makeup clinging substrate created throughout the day, not drifting by effecting of temperature, sweat or moisture from the environment, the more sun protection factor SPF 15 and for smooth substrate membranes healthy shine.


8. Foundation creams containing serum to revitalize skin.

Product suggestions: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation $62

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation light texture as BB cream contains nutrition from bamboo and cloth fruit, healthy skin from within and create healthy shine substrate. Products also contains SPF 40 helps protect skin from sun damage.


9. Best Foundation creams multifunctional platform.

Product suggestions: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth- Infusing Makeup SPF 25 $45

Products Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth- Infusing Makeup SPF 25 with light texture contains anti-aging, serum helps skin bright gradually, Hyaluronic Acid helps plump skin, the Peptide consolidate linked collagen under skin subcutaneous and elastin do blur the wrinkles.


10. Foundation cream manually adjust background color.

Product suggestions: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops $44

Products unique foundation breakthrough Cover FX Custom Cover Drops contain colored beads concentrate so you can mix with any skin care products such as lotion, serum or cream liner to have coverage and pleasant texture. If you want a gentle coverage, product mix 1 drop and 2 drops or more if the skin has many weaknesses.


4 Ways To Preserve Cosmetics In Summer Heat

You love your cosmetics and wants to take care of it the right way.

Hot weather, high temperatures are the cause of many cosmetic products decreased longevity. Please join us for the following article to have certain knowledge about how to preserve cosmetics in summer.

1. Position for cosmetics:

The best place to preserve cosmetics and makeup tools is put it in your bedroom. Avoid bringing it into the bathroom because bacteria will more easily penetrate in the bathroom. Bedrooms will have light and the best temperature for preserving cosmetic and makeup tools. In hot weather, your bedroom easily absorb heat and become “sweltering”, and put all of cosmetics on the dressing table is not recommended. Now you should put cosmetics in baskets / boxes of paper to enter the wooden drawers.



In summer, when temperatures exceed 40°C, you should not let cosmetics in cars, and do not let the makeup cosmetic products near a TV, computer because the heat from these items prone to change the structure of cosmetics. Lipsticks with temperature resistance least, foundation or pastels also spoil faster if you regularly put in the trunk of the motorcycle.

2. Classification of cosmetics with functional:

You should purchase a few different colored baskets for packaging cosmetic products separately, if you have time, you should notes and pasted on cosmetics on opening day for cosmetics can be used to when. If it do not have expire date or you forget it.



3. Regular hygiene makeup tools:

This is also where the potential for producing bacteria and harming your health, so please regularly clean your cosmetics collection!



– With skin care products (creams, serums …): Using medical alcohol on a cotton pads and then wipe bleach bottle cap and bottle body to disinfect and scrub cosmetics dropped out or left. Then remember to tighten the lid of cosmetics avoid water evaporation.
– With lipstick: Use a paper towel to gently wipe clean the lid and trunk lip is then closed.
– With eyeshadows and cosmetic powder: First, use cotton pads to remove once to clean the residue powder grade, then use medical alcohol on a cotton pads to remove, wipe again perioral lid, mirror , open and leave it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight for about 5 minutes and then close it and put away.

4. There should be stored cosmetics in the refrigerator?

In fact, today there are many cosmetic companies on the market advises users to preserve the product in a cool refrigerator compartment. If you are the kind of meticulously marked “should be stored in the refrigerator” on packaging, you should follow the instruction manual. Especially cosmetics handmade, very short shelf life, it should be stored in cool refrigerator compartment. Or if you want peace of mind in the preservation of cosmetics, please buy yourself a dedicated cooler for storing cosmeticsgoo.gl/9FYcHr