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You already know how to coordinate shirt oversized super nice yet?

Try to refer to some type of coordinate graph below.

Skinny pants

If you do not want to “swim” in the baggy shirt always have to memorize principle offset when wearing this shirt. It sounds complicated but in fact very easy: you should only combine this item with leggings, shorts hugging and especially skinny pants.

Among those tight dresses, skinny pants style outfits are gifts will give you a stylish and impressive almost immediately. Therefore, here is how to coordinate extremely safe and always effective.



Create high-low design

You want to create an alternative, impressed with a simple detail? Too easy, just a little quick-compact-light, namely the front flap of the jacket barrel plug, unbridled evil follows naturally. Only detailed “petite little beige” This alone is a form you have created high-low fashion design, dress making less monotonous parts and know.

Or, you can also twist dress style “a loss, a longer” like this. Sure, people will quickly be attracted by the image of a girl with a strong personality and is not afraid to “play” with the dress as you.



Shorts / skirts high waistband

A measure of “cheating” the length of the foot pole “astounding” that is plugged barrel oversized shirt and shorts / skirt high waistband. The eyes of the person opposite will not be able to leave rates awfully perfect body as well as the personality that this duo brings. If the distribution of the shorts denim leggings and high, wide tube, you’ll have a playful fashion style, fresh and bring some vintage. And if you want to build the image of a girl mature, mature, be combined shirt and skirt high leggings, tight and respect your physique.




Take advantage of the oversized shirt as a jacket layer is also not a bad suggestion. You can combine this type of shirt with the T-shirt or tank-top printed with a funny, smoke eyes. The tone she preferred the momentum that still require dynamic, flexible from costumes then combine wide design shirts and tank-dress or a maxi skirt. Class shirt “oversized” This will help us both effective sun protection is extremely fashionable again recently. coat-shirt-oversized




10 dresses indispensable in the wardrobe of the girl

You’ve always loved jeans, T-shirts, shirts because they are the most basic items in the wardrobe, the “cure” for the time you do not know what to wear or need to choose an outfit quickly-compact, so maybe you will not be able to ignore the simple dresses and following basic.

Of course, they will not cool properly or catch the latest fashion trends because the dress is always fashionable and is the type of dress that every woman should own. Just get into, zips and you’re done! Are you ready to “respond” to a sudden appointment even during the busiest days.

Black dress (little black dress)

This cute little dress is extremely flexible, can be appropriate for all ages, anytime, anywhere. Black dress hides imperfections on body off the wearer, making them more confident. Please choose a black dress with cut lines design simple but striking but not too flash, may be suitable for both work and go out, to parties. Extra points for less monotonous dress with pearl jewelry offers classic, elegant or more red lips sensual, creating unforgettable

Cocktail dress

You can dress them in large parties or party with friends. You should choose a cocktail dress with bright colors, or choose materials sequin, studded rhinestones to attract all glances. Notice, not accenting overboard with accessories if too prominent dress!colorful-cocktail-dress

Associated dress colorful

Style simple dress, gentle that you simply put on – is something you can not lack in closet. Dress Designs simple but very handy, fit to go to work, go shopping, eating or dating … More coordinating accessories are key can make dresses flexibility and can be applied in every situation.associated-dress-colorful

Wrap dress

For the first time in the world introduced by fashion brands Diane von Furstenberg in 1972, so far with dress has chest wrap remains an ideal choice for you.wrap-dress

Seductive lace dress

For several years now, “lace” always been in favor and was selected as the main material for a wide variety of costumes. And the dress, of course will be the first choice. Lace dress brings feminine, gentle and can radiate the charm, the mystery of lady.seductive-lace-dress

Deviation shoulder dress

The deflection shoulder dress, or slanted cross cuts, hi-low, the asymmetry brings rebellion, daring in your fashion style. This helps bring seductive contours of the body and makes you stand out. deviation-shoulder-dress

Long dress to party

Do you ever think you’ll never need a long formal dress? Well, actually, they are very “GOOD”! A wedding, big party, the special prom … you will never feel lost.long-dress

Shirtdress classic

The gentle dress is the perfect combination of shirt and skirt, both dynamic, feminine fit. A waist belt will tighten reinforces the attraction for clothes and your body type.shirtdress-classic

Summer dress

The dress is made from cotton fabric is thin, light and extremely bright colors in an area suitable for hot days or occasions seafarers. You combine with sandal soles and a wide-brimmed hat for simple styles or more accessories and heels to become more attractive. However, in-season period, you can also view this dress with a light jacket, cardigan or adding a leather socks, leggings to keep warm.summer-dress

Maxi dress

The dress is always in the “top” fashion items are most popular, especially when the summer. Please choose a dress with color or print detailed, delicate fabrics to be present from the office to the dating. Combined with a prominent sandals or even you can wear a maxi dress and a pair of flip-flops for maximum comfort.maxi-dressmaxi-dresses

10 foundation creams are highest rated current for 30s

Here are ten products foundation to help women age 30 clear direction most specific and cream lines matching skin.

Upon entering their 30s, women’s skin starts losing firmness, elasticity, a condition also appears uneven skin color and wrinkles both sides of mouth, canthus. Now the humidity is savior for skin and liquid foundation products also become more relevant. It should be noted that you should pay more attention to the stages of skin care before makeup to the skin has enough moisture, smooth and no peeling. Then a step you should not ignore before applying foundation cream is Silicon cream for smooth skin, chalk will absorb into the skin more and foundation creams not stuck in the wrinkles. Now you’re ready to step with foundation creams first. Now here are ten products made by experts suggest that you have more orientation when many choices about foundation creams.

1. Foundation creams for firm skin and smooth stretch.

Product suggestions: CoverGirl Olay Facelift Effect $10.64

The foundation creams with light texture and the liquid product is most suitable for women after age 30 because they are not stuck in the wrinkles. Product CoverGirl Olay Facelift Effect is a fluid foundation adds cream ingredients and vitamins to help smooth skin stretched like schoolgirls. With most types of foundation creams, you should put cream up the middle of face and spread cream outwards. Use a damp suck to put cream on the forehead, cheeks and chin then spread outwards, do not forget the neck. Sponge will help spread thin foundation creams and more natural. You can also apply more foundation creams if need more coverage without being thick layer of makeup.


2. Foundation creams for stretch the skin healthy.

Product suggestions: Maybelline New York Superstay Better Skin $10.99

When skin lacks moisture and become dry, flaky, your face will look lifeless than usual and if you use foundation cream special form ir will only denounce your aging clearer. Maybelline New York Superstay Better Skin foundation cream is products containing ingredients lotion and SPF 20 helps protect skin before sun safer.


3. Foundation creams best color adjustment.

Product suggestions: Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation $38

Product is a foundation cream with lightly textured and contains cream but the features of this product is that it has the micro beads help adjust color, suitable for women who are uneven skin color, brown skin spots, pale skin. With this product, the best way is to dab cream by hand to temperatures from warm hand so cream can help ease cream all over the face and thin. Use your middle finger to put the cream into 5 points on the face: nose, cheeks, forehead and chin and gently using a circular motion to spread the cream outwards.


4. Foundation creams super moisturizing.

Product suggestions: Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation $5.50

The women had dry skin and wrinkles should avoid chalk compression and foundation special form because it easy stuck in wrinkles and make it more visible. You should find support foundation creams containing hyaluronic acid much to help skin retain moisture longer. Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation is a serum based products have colored beads gently help cover concealer perfections and soothing moisturizer ingredients help soften wrinkles.


5. Foundation creams with the best coverage.

Product suggestions: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation $48

Women’s skin after the age of 30 more likely to show brown spots and uneven color due to sun exposure or skin redness much by broken capillaries under the skin. With these problems, liquid foundation may not be suitable for cover and you should look for products that contain silicon like Face Atelier Ultra Foundation as smooth skin and gently stretch, soft. You should use a makeup brush, spread the cream according to the motion short to easily adjust the amount of cream to the skin should cover brown spots, redness and uneven stain color.


6. Foundation creams non-comedogenic for sensitive skin.

Product suggestions: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup $27

Many girls still face acne and and less use of foundation cream lest it causes skin pumpkin. So if you want to use foundation creams, stay away from products that contain Silicon, Mineral Oil or other substances such as Isopropyl Palmitate as thick as it would get stuck and pores causing acne worse. Products suitable for you should contain Salicylic Acid as Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup helps open the pores.


7. Foundation creams with the best grip.

Product suggestions: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Makeup $38.5

With sweating or oily skin, you should find a waterproof foundation creams to cream will not melt. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Makeup clinging substrate created throughout the day, not drifting by effecting of temperature, sweat or moisture from the environment, the more sun protection factor SPF 15 and for smooth substrate membranes healthy shine.


8. Foundation creams containing serum to revitalize skin.

Product suggestions: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation $62

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation light texture as BB cream contains nutrition from bamboo and cloth fruit, healthy skin from within and create healthy shine substrate. Products also contains SPF 40 helps protect skin from sun damage.


9. Best Foundation creams multifunctional platform.

Product suggestions: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth- Infusing Makeup SPF 25 $45

Products Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth- Infusing Makeup SPF 25 with light texture contains anti-aging, serum helps skin bright gradually, Hyaluronic Acid helps plump skin, the Peptide consolidate linked collagen under skin subcutaneous and elastin do blur the wrinkles.


10. Foundation cream manually adjust background color.

Product suggestions: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops $44

Products unique foundation breakthrough Cover FX Custom Cover Drops contain colored beads concentrate so you can mix with any skin care products such as lotion, serum or cream liner to have coverage and pleasant texture. If you want a gentle coverage, product mix 1 drop and 2 drops or more if the skin has many weaknesses.