How to create 2 lids with eye makeup techniques

How to create two eye eyelid eyes one eyelid turns into a focal point for you. Just personality needs a little patience and ingenuity in makeup.

– Should not those eyelids too thick.

These lines too dark or eyelids too thick will cause your eyes to become “rough” a lot. However, use of thin and slender lines. This will make the eyes more natural and pure.

– Choose the lighter tones.

Pale colors like nude pastel is the most appropriate choice for small eyes.

nude pastel

– Mark bold section eye socket.

While bright colors are used for the partial eye but the eye socket, you should highlight a bit. This will become soulful eyes and depth.


– Use light colors in the lower brow.

The light at the bottom of the eyebrows will make eyes look larger and more rounded as well just give eyes sparkling, delicate.

– Pay attention to the region next makeup.

You should apply a pale pink highlights in the cheekbone. This creates a sense of natural balance and making faces.




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