10 extremely simple makeup tips that changed the life of women

These makeup tips super fast, super easy below will help you save the most time per day but still possesses extremely beautiful appearance and attractive.

1. For your eyelashes thicker and more curved mascara after a time, just spread a layer of foundation and mascara on the eyelashes once again.

makeup tips for eyelashes

2. Lip balm not only help your lips moisturized but it also has numerous other uses such as replacing chalk highlights, combined with blusher for cheeks ownership or background frosted before use eyeshadows.

lip balm

3. To create smooth substrates, simply mix a little moisturizer with foundation or concealer. This new mixture also make your skin look bright to a tone that!

illuminating the skin with foundation

4. Substrates continues dewy makeup trend is favored in this winter. However, not everyone is lucky to own beautiful healthy skin, so you’ll have to take some time to assess the substrate, coating the skin, which causes the face to become dry. To remedy this, use a light mineral spray!

mineral spray for face

5. If the dry weather makes your skin smooth moldy and no makeup, just a few drops of oil on a cotton pad lotions and cream dabbed onto dry ground. You will see surprising effects.

tips to keep your skin smooth

6. Dark circles eye is an obsession of any girl makeup. However, you can completely overcome this by dabbing a layer of red lipstick orange to dark circles, then spread them on top of concealer. It may sound strange but this secret really effective it!

how to treat dark circles under eyes

7. Your lips will be less popular if a few hairs or tiny blisters on lips. To remedy this, please use white eyeliner for lip liner, then lipstick as usual.

trick for dark circles of lips

8. To save the most time hit blush, you just put a pencil cross under the cheekbones and now you just need to spread under this form only.

make up

9. You only need to use a hairpins to glue on false eyelashes, it will help you save the most time and your lashes will not broken, fallen.

easy way to apply false eyelashes

10. Spread a white lining up at the eye, then use eye shadows will help you own eyes bright and attractive.

eye shadows


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