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8 cosmetic that dermatologists recommend you shouldn’t use

Some users shampoo to shower and wash your face at the end of cleanser or shower gel. However, here is what the dermatologist advises not to do.

The products that the dermatologist “crossed out” from the process of skin care may surprise you.

1. The  product

The exfoliating pads or wipes too hard can lead to irritation, dry skin, especially during the cold winter months. It can also cause acne pimples, eczema for skin.

What kind of exfoliating scrub strong has finely ground particles can be very sharp, causing scrapes, skin irritations. You should stay away from exfoliation with crushed nuts, crushed peanut shells, or the like.
You should use exfoliation to smooth soft particles do not cause skin irritation, or exfoliation using chemical exfoliating skin as glycolic acid, retinol and retinoids.

physical exfoliation

2. Shampoos

There are few people use shampoo to wash face and bath when end of cleanser or shower gel. But shampoo is created for the hair, not skin. Shampoos contain surfactants help remove dirt, oil on hair, so it can cause irritation, inflammation, pulled the water holding capacity of the skin and protect themselves.

If you have sensitive skin, you should pay special attention. You can use the type that can be shared for both skin and hair, contain reactive lighter to remove dirt, oil, sweat without causing dysfunction of the skin. If not, you should wash with clean water instead of taking any shampoos.


3. Mineral oil

The mineral oils may obstruct pores, causing blackheads, milia, pustules … Mineral oil is used in many beauty products, from lotions to creams, lotions, makeup remover, water flower, shampoo, mascara, lipstick, foundation

Many users of products containing mineral oil does not know they are the cause of acne. These components contain mineral oil denotes include liquid paraffin, liquid petroleum, paraffin oil, paraffinum liquidum, liquid petrolatum, petroleum oil, white mineral oil and white oil …

4. Soap ordinary

Soap often lose the natural nutrients of the skin, skin loses elasticity. Using harsh detergents that contain chemicals to clean the skin also makes skin loses moisture, becomes dry and rough, itchy.

These soaps are generally made from palm oil, coconut oil, tallow, through a process called saponification, conversion of oils into soap. Soaps can be removed from the outer layer of skin lipids, as it takes away the natural moisturizing.


5. Products containing alcohol

Products containing alcohol can cause dry skin, irritation, aggravate rosacea, acne, eczema. You should carefully read the label of the product components, selected tone contains water instead of alcohol.

6. Hair removal cream

Unless you are an expert, otherwise you should not use these ingredients. Dermatitis linked by waxing products can cause burns similar to 2nd degree burns.

7. The permanent filler

Permanent fillers are usually made from polymethylmethacrylate beads, an artificial material is not biodegradable artificial. If you experience problems when injecting this, the problem would be permanent, you can not make it objective, unless removed portion was injected, leaving scars.
You should use the hyaluronic acid fillers may atrophy if complications arise.

permanent fillers

8. Products containing flavorings

Many products contain flavoring can cause irritation, pimples. Flavorings are the leading irritants in skin care products. You should also avoid ingredients such as lanolin, wool wax alcohol, aldehyde cinnamic, alcohol, and formaldehyde.


10 tips on makeup for curved eyelash, thick charm

Only each of mascara, but apparently only a small change may also decide to work “success – failure” to create double curved eyelash, thick charm.

1. Always curling eyelash first

All makeup artists are using the same techniques only. If you curling eyelash before mascara, you will have longer eyelash, magnificent and more impressive. Gently curling from the lower base of the eyelashes, using forceps mascara hold for a few seconds and then slowly curling gradually to the top eyelashes, then slowly opened eyes. If you do not want to use the tool clamping eyelashes, you may use mascara first, then enlist while still wet, then grab the tail eyeliner or swab to push backwards onto lashes, hold until dry eyelashes shaped curve. You can also dab a little cream or cream liner before curling eyelash, for eyelash soft, more sticky and not break or fall out.curling-eyelash

2. Clean the brush mascara

If you want to avoid clotted eyelash, then use a paper towel wipe old mascara brush excess grip on broaching. The brush is designed to get just the amount necessary mascara, so if you want to have just thick lashes, just smooth, clean, his stylish, so please pay attention to the palm of this polished, regular cleaning and If possible, use a brush to polish off easily maintained and hygienic.

3. Do not forget to brush along the zig zag

Often many people or mascara straight line from bottom to top original eyelash. However, it must be put right broaching zig zag below to create the bulge stem eyelash extend eyelashes. Then when broaching reached between eyelash, then blinked to the entire remaining portion glance lash brush and covered with a layer of mascara sufficient. If you want to make bolder thick lashes, make a zig zag lingering in the corners of the eyes, then eyes gradually translated. Then again broaching zig zag again from the corner of the eyes to create eye out for mi length, eventually holding the brush vertically to pull broaching tip each mi spreading out. When this layer is dry mascara, again performed all the steps again to add the second layer coated, creating a professional appearance as the celebrity.mascara-zig-zag

4. Using two different colored mascara

Some makeup artists use many different kinds of mascara to complete the look. If you want to have thick lashes, apply a zig zag mascara from the root to the tips eyelash, keep cross arm angling from eye to tail round eyes like deer Bambi. It is technically very suitable for people with small eyes and double eyelids. You can apply techniques with two or three different colored mascara, attention broaching for lower lashes, brush can be used to polish each lash for completeness.

5. Additional powder layer

After curling eyelash, you can add a layer of palm canopy talc up lashes to create thick and puffy, like the impact of dry shampoo to your hair flat. Then mascara as usual, you will find much thicker mi. Without talc, then you can use the eyeshadow powder to polish the outside eyslashes, helping to create the fullness and richness of color substrate for lashes.mascara-tips

6. Remember to carefully broaching radicals eyelash

Many people at the tops mascara eyelash but forget not elaborate at the base, so lashes look unnatural. Therefore, let the rats have priority curve shape similar to eyelid to easily take root rubbed on your feet. You should also choose a brush with microfiber, pieces to be taken against the eyelid without causing irritation. Without this type of mascara, you can use a brush to spread pollen types spread wide head, gliding through the brush mascara brush to remove sufficient amount of miles on the original part and mascara ensure broaching are natural lashes , not too thick.

7. Creating blocks by color mascara

The combination of multi-colored mascara for the lashes can create more depth. You can incorporate a bold color black mascara and a chocolate brown colored mascara. You can use two layers overlap, partial top lashes only brown polished to brightness. Thicker lashes will look at the roots, and seems longer, more natural spreading of flame curling eyelash had looked depth radiance. You can also incorporate the use of masacara brown or black at the base of mi, then broaching the mascara colorful, abundant as red wine, green or purple shirt tops to create different appearance , younger.creating-blocks-by-color-mascara

8. Brushed silky eyelashes

Even some experts skilled makeup does not necessarily have to master this technique. You can use a brush from an old mascara, wash thoroughly for broom brush eyelashes. You use the broom to brush before and after mascara, eyelashes ensure no lumps. When the brush from root to tip eyelashes, turn round in order to increase the impact broom combed and take away the excess mascara. If comb mi properly, you will make eyes look big and impressive as mounted eyelashes but still very natural, glitter.

9. Use a broom brushed metal eyelash

If possible, please invest in a dedicated broom brushed metal eyelash. This instrument will provide long looks, thick eyelashes naturally. Brooms eyelash comb helps lashes are natural shine, can be used between layers of mascara, the mascara is still wet to shape the correct standard eyelash. Brushes brush eyelash clarity will help shape each lash, not to eyelash blocking effects, give you the confidence and perfect before each frame.brushed-metal-eyelash

10. Use multiple formulas mascara

Even if you just want to be loyal to a single color mascara, the mascara should use two different formulas. You will want to incorporate a thickening mascara lashes and a long shirt making. You’ll use the type of thickening broaching concentrated in lower lashes, then add a little polish on her lashes. Long eyelashes mascara will use after using mascara, concentrating for “eyelashes above”, and focus on the middle part of the eye to create focal points for those big eyes.formulas-mascara

10 rules lipstick and the girls needs to know

The lovely lipstick neatly in boxes makeup is a legacy that any girl would love built themself up. And to use the fortune that the most effective way is needed to the basic principles.

Lipstick and eyeliner are the most basic beginnings for each girl to want to build a suit of own makeup. Only with a severance lipstick, her charisma have been different before, become fresh and sweet personality or just ask a little more lipstick to paint over and touch them.

Basically that’s it, but not the girl knows how to make herself more splendid and lipstick. And so beautiful with the basics that every girl to have to equip themselves to better the same principle of lipsticks.lipstick

1. Treat your beautiful lips like your own face so. We also need to get you up removal, exfoliation, moisturizing daily.

2. If you were eating, drinking and gatherings with friends before a night of partying to forget heaven and earth. Wait until you are finished using all your stuff then is new carmine lips. This will help you not thrilled to have to take the regular lipstick makes lip without blur.

3. Lipstick you choose today may be a prominent lip colors: bright red, pink or orange sweet candy pop bright coral lipstick … though does also remember the rule: If your lips have highlights, please keep your eyes are part gentle makeup simple.

4. Not any lipstick out there is for you. For each skin color, with different undertone there are matching lipstick. Try different color swatch until you find the ideal lipstick for your skin. A lipstick not only accompany you in a few appointments that can be with you in a long time.

5. The secret to long-lasting lipstick on your lips and durable? Just spread a layer of cream wallpaper primer before carmine lips. Substrate primer will help prepare and keep lipstick on

6. Use lip liner, lips can be a double-edged sword helps you become more astute might also can make you as odd to be tattooed lips overboard. Choose a lip pencil tree smooth and easy with stroke are many different tones.

7. When the lipstick on the lips, you should start painting from the lips and hearts wide spread out laterally. This way your lipstick lips will have more and more natural.

8. Some tips for your lips become more sturdy and sweet by highlight at the lip between curved lip oriented bow out. Some highlight the dotted line at the lip will help light reflects better on your lips and give you a look coddle, seductive than his own.

9. Before going to sleep, you remember to always remove make clean your own lips. This helps you stay clean environment and not sifted dirt off your white

10. Whether you are addicted lipstick but remember to spend one day a week to your lips a rest. There are so new you have time to clean dead skin, moisturize the lips more natural healthy glow.

How to track a cell phone number without them knowing?

Information of the best place to use Mobile Spy App for Android or iOS platform.

Download and install Mobile Spy App is definitely tiny that is certainly used to privately one of these straightforward devices. These apps are set up using the internet browser of those equipment, and usually are silent and invisible for any individual. Which means that one time just one Android Spy/iPhone Spy App is added, you couldn’t know you’re remaining monitored and/or looked

So, what this program can do for you with instruction for How to track a cell phone number without them knowing?

These programs let the person that put in the application to predominantly discover each and every tiny thing that happens across the target. Like stuff consist:

– Listen to the sound environment around, Listen The Surrouding
– Listen to all phone calls, Call Recording
– Get all text messages received and sent, Sms Spy
– Receive notification of all incoming and outgoing calls, Call Tracking
– Know the location, move the location of the phone, Gps Tracker
– See content from phone to email.
Whatsap spy, hack Skype, spy Viber, hack Facebook… conversations
_ Even more……

What its potential?

By recording different “events” that occur, automatic Gps tracker application features. They are then transferred, you should obtain the application right into your secure account online, as these occasions are recorded. To view the logs, you log to your account and go through the data you want to research into.

Why do you need our Mobile Spy App?

For attempting to receive a few of those Android Spy/iPhone Spy App, everyone is able to have their selected cause. However, the most frequent purpose will be tracking a spouse. Other makes use of contain firms who’d wish to check out staff that happen to be employing corporation unveiled an Android/iOs smartphone, as an particular support selection, or as a great way for mothers and fathers to speedily path what their children do online. In addition, it’s also utilized to be an easy strategy to detect an individual in case that you will find an emergency.