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9 outfits suitable for all body

Whether you’re tall or short, fat or thin, whatever style you like, the dress after all may suit you.

1/ Crop top

The shirt has a short crop top moderately ingenious cover part of your belly fat ugly but revealing very beautiful hips. In addition, crop top also makes your legs look slender and longer. You can combine them with a high-waisted pants or wear them outside a sleeveless or halter vest two hug.crop-tops

2/ Blazer no stock

The delicate lines and neat blazer jacket will help you cover the neck no weaknesses as well as your body looks more luxury and style. However, you should choose the clothes fit your body instead of clothes too wide or too short.blazer-no-stock

3/ Jogger pants

You can not underestimate the T-jogger pants offline. They may look simple and somewhat boring but can make your legs look longer. Wear them below the waist and ensure pipes are located right ankle to have the best effect. You can combine them with a high-heeled shoes if you want to break a little. Despite short legs or long legs, the kind of dress is still very fit.jogger-pants

4/ Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt suit almost every girl. It exalted femininity and elegance of you. Design Slim hips down to the thigh makes you look neat but extremely charming. Do not worry, be confident expressing your intriguing!pencil-skirt

5/ Mist dresses

There is no dress style could fit every physique as mist dresses. It’s trendy, lovely and also very feminine. You do not need to worry about measurements or defect on his body. Feel free to choose a dress like that and that suits you best.mist-dresses

6/ Flared tube skirts

With its compact design hugs your hips and flared out at the rear, tube skirts flared help your waist look slimmer and create the illusion that other people do not know where the starting point of your foot, synonymous with the short leg to hide defects. Ideally, you should choose the skirts above the knee a bit.flared-tube-skirts

7/ Boyfriend jeans pants

The truth is that these pants help your flattering than skinny jeans pants. Style and comfort of our extensive help conceal leg or foot to bend. In addition, you will look extremely stylish and sophisticated as this costume area.boyfriend-jeans-pants

8/ Co-ords

You often have trouble with tight waisted dresses? Do not worry, those of co-ords are your “savior” for you. With separation between part design shirt and skirt, they give you great comfort without having sunken abdomen or fast as other dresses that are very fashionable there.coord

9/ Midi skirt

Many people think the only fashion midi skirt suit with her long legs. However, as long as your midi skirt is located just below the knee, we will help your legs look longer. This type of skirt suit many different body shape.midi-skirt


Tell you 11 mystique savings and efficiency with honey

Acne, waxing, moisturizing, restores damaged hair or pink lips are the perfect beauty uses of honey.

1. Water acne cleanser

Every morning, you go honey diluted with cold water and then spread it over the entire face, massage gently in circular motion 5-10 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Wash your face with honey will help your skin becomes smooth and prevent acne effectively.water-acne-cleanser

2. Moisturize skin

If your skin rough and lifeless, just mix 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon minced with pure honey to form a viscous mixture. Then you rub mixture onto the skin, massage gently for 20 minutes and rinse with water. After using butter + honey mask, your skin will become smooth like a baby there.moisturize-skin

3. Moisturize body

Honey is not only capable of facial moisturizer, you absolutely can use honey to smooth the skin area of ​​the body. How simple do you mix honey with coconut oil in proportion of 1: 1 and apply to the skin needs moisturizing, massage gently and rinse with water after 15 minutes.moisturize-body

4. Acne

You mix 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 egg white and beat real cotton. Then apply the mixture on the skin acne, remain 20 minutes and rinse with water to finish the process.acne-with-honey

5. Restoration of damaged hair

Your hair tangles will become smooth, glossy with mask from honey and pumpkin. This is done as follows: you puree 1 cup pumpkin and mix with 2 tablespoons of honey to form a paste mixture. Then apply the mixture to the entire hair, incubated for 30 minutes and then rinse with water.restoration-of-damaged-hair

6. Treatment of insomnia

If you feel tired body and insomnia, mix honey and lavender essential oils into the bath, soak for about 30 minutes and then rinse with clean water. You will feel relaxed and comfortable immediately.treatment-of-insomnia

7. Relieve chapped lips

Lips chapped dull and makes you feel obsessed whenever contact with people? Let’s know-how extremely shirt following simple offline! Mix honey with brown sugar ratio of 1: 1, then use the brush dots and rub the mixture gently on the lips to remove dead cells. Finally, you rinse with clean water.relieve-chapped-lips

8. Hair removal

Besides beautifying the skin, honey and lemon combined with sugar waxing recipe was super efficient and painless for your home. Before applying this mixture to the affected area to waxing, you remember the warm mixture offline!hair-removal

9. Relieve eye dark circles

If you wake up with puffy eyes and tired from lack of sleep, be diluted with a little water honey and apply to the skin under the eyes, kept for 15 minutes and rinse with water. You will see surprising effects.relieve-eye-dark-circles

10. Skin whitening

Honey capable natural white skin and increase skin elasticity. You 2 strawberry puree and mix with 1 teaspoon of honey to form a smooth mixture. Conduct apply the mixture to your face, leave for 15 minutes and rinse with

11. Making pores

You give 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice on the tray and place in the freezer. When the mixture has frozen into ice, you use a soft cloth wrapped exterior stone and rub gently on the skin, then pat the skin dry and so natural. In this way, dirt will be cleaned, the pores become more open.making-pores

The key help young age of 10 immediately

We’ve heard a lot of the secrets to healthy and living longer young, such as wine, cheese, music, dance … But the reality in general, women still prefer and desired features is its spring must be seen most obviously in their own bodies, such as skin, hair, or face …

Beauty before this story is always an arduous path, but how to hold the definition of youth as long as possible was the story harder for women. We can not fight five months and one day older stories from the Creator, but with artistic makeup, you absolutely can! Understanding this mind, today we introduce to you the full expertise advice of professionals makeup so you can “cheat” his real age a most effective way. Check out what secrets it offline!

Tip 1: Cream Skin Photosensitive

Brightness and humidity are two most characteristic expression on a child’s skin. Tips for you is to use photosensitive skin cream or pastel blocks, focusing on parts around the eyes, nose and top of cheekbone to help skin look brighter and smoother feel more vital moisture. cream-skin-photosensitive

Tip 2: Brown Eye Makeup

The makeup artists recommend you to choose brown instead of black as eyeshadow eyeliner or brushing. They concluded that black makes you look smaller eyes and have become “extreme”, “hard” rather than the correct style of an old woman commanded. Use chocolate brown eyeliner with a little sparkle effect. Dark colors like red plum and a hint not bad, they just different, outstanding personality, extremely warm again.brown-eye-makeup

Tip 3: Soft Brows

Asian women who now have hobbies and eyebrow shaping horizontal frame. But experts point out that makeup, eyebrow shape is filled with rigid and artificial, because in fact no one born to have less long straight eyebrows like that. Advice they give is that you do “calming” your eyebrows by drawing  eyebrows gently, a paler color your hair a little, and so those driven by shape eyebrows grow naturally, not so squeeze them into a prototype for such a well makes you older.eyebrow

Tip 4: Use cream instead of powder

When it comes to reviews blush, you should brush cheeks with cream instead of powder material powder for ice cream cheek and blend seamlessly into your skin color penetrates immediately, not diffuse, not causing effects small backlog pollen on the skin. Moreover, the use of whipped cream blush also make you look younger.cream-blush

Tip 5: Avoid What Sparkling Effect

Avoid using anything that would constitute makeup sparkling effect. Maybe you think they’ll make me younger, but the result was quite the opposite: the sparkle may denounce your real age by making visible facial wrinkles. Instead, if you want a bit of shade for accenting looks chic, opt for products with frosted effect, soft leather (satin) or produce certain

Tip 6: A Bright Hair Color

When it comes to hair, if you want to grow younger than 10 years old, be dyed a light-colored hair, or black instead of the traditional deep color. A dark hair will make your skin look dull and better follow and show wrinkles. Besides, the experts recommend to a bright hair color but not mean they’re too “flashed” or difference. Please choose a light natural tones, abstinence, consistent with age, work and life.light-brown-wavy-hair

Tip 7: Warm Skin

Makeup artists recommend that you use those pastel colors create a warm or a substrate block warmth around the face. This will cause the skin and shades your face looks younger lot. Choose cardboard honey, golden copper, they also make your wrinkles and loss of softer too.warm-skin

Tip 8: Keep hair healthy shine

The hair is also a very important part of the beauty. A threadbare hair, disheveled and dull just as your real age denounce more. So you take care carefully hair like your skin, by a hair mask at least once a week, use a conditioner and topical creams / hair brewed

Tip 9: Notes To The Hairline

The final tip from experts: Please pay attention to the hairline. They recommend that you go put your hairline 1 time per month. Once appear the black leg, immediately look you seem older and have the “neglect”, not his stylish, beauty care about like an old person indeed.hairline

Goodbye worries makeup face ‘landmark’ when moving season

Weather turns hot and dry skin that has not been adapted prone to “mold” if makeup. What to do?

1. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is certainly indispensable step in the weekly beauty segment, especially when you regularly makeup. This step will help you get rid of the layers of peeling, dingy, return the skin appears smooth, glossy stretch. After exfoliation 1-2 times / week, remember do not forget to deep clean the skin with rose water to add smooth offline.exfoliate-regularly

2. Moisturize thoroughly

For flaking skin from drying out in the fall and winter, in addition to adequate drinking water, you have to purchase and regular moisturizing cream applied to the skin once a day 2 in the morning, evening, especially thorough massage before makeup. Moisturizers work supplying water to the skin, even with all sunscreens, anti-aging, skin always full of vitality. Some moisturizers also works to help skin tones light up each day there.

Besides moisturizer, face and mineral should be supplemented with a mask. The stars also have to enlist mask wherever to supply enough nutrients and moisture to the skin, then why should you not take advantage of facial scheduled from today anyway. You absolutely can use homemade masks from fruit or yogurt, honey … at home and choose the most suitable mask assorted skin with yourselves.moisturize-thoroughly

3. Use the brush / foam makeup

Many girls have the habit of using their hands to spread foundation / BB Cream for fast, but actually use hand movements sweep across the skin surface is not good for you. Instead, use a foundation brush to get deep penetration, make-thin, evenly, without blur. The foundation chose to remember her true similarity with skin color, if the white will be very easily exposed surface imperfections on it.

Subscriptions styrofoam foundation is also ideal for beautiful skin without her. Before makeup, make wet sucking water to add moisture to the skin during foundation.use-the-brush-or-foam-makeup

4. Powder cheek cream

Blush powder form is preferred because it is easier on the skin type, however durable creamy blush color, silky smooth and natural-looking skin clinging superior. That’s why this is the type of cosmetics Korean favorite girls, their faces help keep the look smooth and fresh.powder-cheek-cream

5. Mineral Spray

Mineral Spray after completion will cling longer chalk layer. You remember to bring a spray bottle mineral to provide moisture, restores freshness to the skin when spilled oil substrate or dingy.mineral-spray

Some Gifs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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10 dresses indispensable in the wardrobe of the girl

You’ve always loved jeans, T-shirts, shirts because they are the most basic items in the wardrobe, the “cure” for the time you do not know what to wear or need to choose an outfit quickly-compact, so maybe you will not be able to ignore the simple dresses and following basic.

Of course, they will not cool properly or catch the latest fashion trends because the dress is always fashionable and is the type of dress that every woman should own. Just get into, zips and you’re done! Are you ready to “respond” to a sudden appointment even during the busiest days.

Black dress (little black dress)

This cute little dress is extremely flexible, can be appropriate for all ages, anytime, anywhere. Black dress hides imperfections on body off the wearer, making them more confident. Please choose a black dress with cut lines design simple but striking but not too flash, may be suitable for both work and go out, to parties. Extra points for less monotonous dress with pearl jewelry offers classic, elegant or more red lips sensual, creating unforgettable

Cocktail dress

You can dress them in large parties or party with friends. You should choose a cocktail dress with bright colors, or choose materials sequin, studded rhinestones to attract all glances. Notice, not accenting overboard with accessories if too prominent dress!colorful-cocktail-dress

Associated dress colorful

Style simple dress, gentle that you simply put on – is something you can not lack in closet. Dress Designs simple but very handy, fit to go to work, go shopping, eating or dating … More coordinating accessories are key can make dresses flexibility and can be applied in every situation.associated-dress-colorful

Wrap dress

For the first time in the world introduced by fashion brands Diane von Furstenberg in 1972, so far with dress has chest wrap remains an ideal choice for you.wrap-dress

Seductive lace dress

For several years now, “lace” always been in favor and was selected as the main material for a wide variety of costumes. And the dress, of course will be the first choice. Lace dress brings feminine, gentle and can radiate the charm, the mystery of lady.seductive-lace-dress

Deviation shoulder dress

The deflection shoulder dress, or slanted cross cuts, hi-low, the asymmetry brings rebellion, daring in your fashion style. This helps bring seductive contours of the body and makes you stand out. deviation-shoulder-dress

Long dress to party

Do you ever think you’ll never need a long formal dress? Well, actually, they are very “GOOD”! A wedding, big party, the special prom … you will never feel lost.long-dress

Shirtdress classic

The gentle dress is the perfect combination of shirt and skirt, both dynamic, feminine fit. A waist belt will tighten reinforces the attraction for clothes and your body type.shirtdress-classic

Summer dress

The dress is made from cotton fabric is thin, light and extremely bright colors in an area suitable for hot days or occasions seafarers. You combine with sandal soles and a wide-brimmed hat for simple styles or more accessories and heels to become more attractive. However, in-season period, you can also view this dress with a light jacket, cardigan or adding a leather socks, leggings to keep warm.summer-dress

Maxi dress

The dress is always in the “top” fashion items are most popular, especially when the summer. Please choose a dress with color or print detailed, delicate fabrics to be present from the office to the dating. Combined with a prominent sandals or even you can wear a maxi dress and a pair of flip-flops for maximum comfort.maxi-dressmaxi-dresses

Let’s Make Handmade Makeup Remover Pad and Sugar Waxing

Handmade Makeup Remover Pads

Did you know it’s actually super easy to make your own makeup remover pads right from home? Plus, you know what’s in them and they are healthy ingredients and no strange chemicals like other makeup removers can have. Not only is it better for your skin, but it will actually save you money too. Here is a quick and easy tutorial for Handemade Makeup Remover Pads. Simple ingredients and less than 20 minutes and they work even better than store brands. Enjoy…makeup-remover-pads


_ 1 quart wide mouth jar
_ 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil
_ 2 squirts of tear-free baby wash
_ 2 cups of purified water
_ 2 packages of cotton pads
_ Optional: Tea Tree Essential Oil (will help with acne, but should NOT be used on the eyes) or Frankincense Essential Oil (will help rejuvenate the skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)
_ Microwaveable bowl


1. Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 squirts of tear-free baby wash and 2 cups of purified water.

2. Microwave in 10-20 second increments until melted and well blended.

3. Place about 50 cotton pads in you quart jar.

4. Pour your liquid mixture over your pads in the jar. Press pads down to help soak up the liquid. Add more pads to fit, pressing down.

5. Secure lid tight and keep in a dry, cool place.

6. Use your pads to remove your makeup daily.handmade-makeup-remover-pads

Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is the most gently hair removal process at this moment, used in many beauty salons. With this recipe I will show you how simple is to prepare it at home!

Using sugar instead of traditional wax is becoming more and more a trend among women. The main reason is that sugar waxing is much less painful than traditional waxing.

This process is perfect especially if you have sensitive skin. It also offers you a gently skin exfoliation so you will end up not only with hairless but also with baby skin. And it is quite simple to make it. You do not have to be a crafty person and you sure save some money.handmade-sugar-lemon-waxing


_ 2 cups of sugar
_ 1/4 cup water
_ 1/4 cup lemon juice

The process is simple. You need to pay attention to obtain the needed texture:

1. Put all 3 ingredients in a pot and start boiling them at medium heat.

2 The sugar mixture will reach the boiling point quite fast. You need to pay attention because the composition will start making bubbles.

3. When you see the bubbles reaching the edge of the pot, switch from medium to low heat. Now you need to continuously stir until the sugar mixture becomes to have a slight caramel color.

4. In only few minutes your paste will be ready: the consistency should be like the honey.

5. You can choose to use it immediately as it will cool or you can store it in a jar and use it another time.

Sugar wax can be applied in two ways:

1. Using a wood spatula you apply the paste then place a waxing strip and pull in the direction of hair growth.

2. You form little sugar paste balls, spread them on your skin and then pull the sugar strips in the direction of hair growth.

Remember, sugar waxing is the painless hair removal method. Also is the cheapest, is natural, catches tiny hair and is very comfortable.