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6 makeup tips that changed your life.

If you believe you have any technical knowledge of makeup, then you should think again.

Does your makeup has brought the best performance? If we say that you can look better with a few makeup tips, you believe it? Please make your lips fuller, brighter eyes and faces light up with 6 makeup tips below:

1. Pencil eyeliner without smudged

eyelinerIf you’re looking for a long-lasting eyeliner, try to gel eyeliner. You also do not have to buy this type of gel eyeliner. Just holding out your eyeliner on fire about 15 seconds then let cool for about 15 seconds. Your eyeliner softer, gel-forming structures, which are more easily spread and when the gel is dried, it will long drift and less smudged than normal.

2. Make eye brighter white-eyeliner

White eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger and brighter than if you spread the white eyeliner on the inside of the eyelids. You can also use white eyeliner on the eyelids then spread pastels to create depth to the eyes.

3. DIY lip glosslip-gloss-handmade

You can create a unique type of lip gloss by mixing liquid or powder eyeshadow with a hint of mineral oil and apply to lips. Feeling very cool and sparkling your lips will look shimmering!

4. Fuller lipslipstick

If you have dry lips, use lip gloss or creamy lipstick. This lipstick acts as a form of lip moisturizer, capable of lip balm 2 times and the form of bars makes your lips look fuller.

5. The long-lasting makeup long-lasting-makeup

If you sweat a lot, let’s apply a layer of talcum powder odorless on eyes to absorb sweat. Take this extra step before makeup combined with greaseproof paper. Your makeup will keep longer controlled by the sweat on face.

6. Create a block for lipscreate-a-block-for-lips

To create perfect block to lips, you should use the pencil liner and lipstick the same color. Draw the letter “X” on the lips on and then to paint the rest of lipstick.


10 Useful Tips Make-up, Girls Should Not Be Overlooked.

Let’s go through these useful tips to help you better makeup and more beautiful!

1. Get the freshness for makeup.

After 3-4 hours of makeup, your face looked tired and would start out oil sheen. To remove oil and refresh makeup, gently pat cotton over face first toner layer. Finally the government covered up a chalk layer.


2. Handling greasy hair immediately.

If greasy hair, because greasy or sticky scalp while the hair care products, sprinkle with a little chalk on to the hairline, then brushing them, greasy hair will be improved immediately.


3. Moisturize in just few minutes.

Use conditioner to moisten hair and your body. Then spread it from neck to toe, then rinse and wipe dry. Conditioner will replace the moisturizer effect without having to wait for it permeates.


4. Nursing beautiful nails.

Wash off nail polish, use lemon and rub onto the nail surface using a moisturizer or lip balm applied to the skin beneath the nail.


5. Use pink to cover skin flaws.

Suprise! Use concealer only half as effective this way only. To help your skin really perfect (though how your skin is), try a lipstick with a pink light (warm pink). It will distract the eyes of everyone from your facial defects.lipstick

6. Create a wavy hair without machinery.

Wet hands with water and a drop of hand lotion in order to easily remove the tangles. Then gently twist each small scurried in the direction to face. After 10 minutes, let down hair. And you’ve got a real ripple natural hair without risk of heat damage to the hair of machinery.wavy-hair

7. Focus on the frontally.

When you’re folding but still wet hair, dry the hair frontally: hair pieces and hair pieces on both sides of hugging face. You will be have better look that did not take long

8. Help the eyes become attractive.

Eyeliner is the fastest way to get a seductive eyes, without attracting many complicated steps. A thin line close your eyelids will make it look better.eyeliner

9. Ponytail youthful.

Ponytail is simple but never out of fashion. Add a further advantage of this hairstyle besides matching the majority of the face, is that will help your face look brighter, more cheerful. Swipe up all the hair (scratch hair with your fingers instead strategy will create a more natural look to it), use elastic to tie hair and using a lock of hair wrapped around to cover elastic is stable.ponytail

10. Retrieve looks bright for face.

To look you more bright after a long night, use a concealer in stern eyes, below the lower lashes and two side bow wave. With a little more pastel blocks on cheek and confidence to start a new day.concealer

The way to paint nail polish “water drop” sparkling.

Ownership nail polish “water drop” will help your hands bright and more colorful, like a rainbow after the rain shine hedge. To do this you need to prepare the tools used to dot dot nail polish and a needle. This nail modeling is not very difficult as you observe carefully and follow.



Steps paint nail polish “water drop”:

1. First you clean the nail then coated protective primer to dry before painting nails to wait for up to two white paint. Leave to dry for a minutes, not to dry completely.


2. Next, as have done quite fast, so you prepare the necessary tools and the polish that you will use. Take a little of color nail polish on a piece of paper and then put “dotting tool” and next needle. You start to paint the entire nail. Painted white coating on the nail 3rd and quickly put three different paint colors, sizes from big to small, such as in the figure. Use the needle gently pull the color dots in one direction. You do not need to use much force, your goal is to drag the colored fibers rather than scratching fingernails. Repeat the above steps to draw the remaining nails.

3. Finally, you wipe the paint off skin and if you want to paint is durable, you should be covered from one to two layers of varnish on top.


I wish you will succeed with gorgeous nail polish “water drop” above.

10 foundation creams are highest rated current for 30s

Here are ten products foundation to help women age 30 clear direction most specific and cream lines matching skin.

Upon entering their 30s, women’s skin starts losing firmness, elasticity, a condition also appears uneven skin color and wrinkles both sides of mouth, canthus. Now the humidity is savior for skin and liquid foundation products also become more relevant. It should be noted that you should pay more attention to the stages of skin care before makeup to the skin has enough moisture, smooth and no peeling. Then a step you should not ignore before applying foundation cream is Silicon cream for smooth skin, chalk will absorb into the skin more and foundation creams not stuck in the wrinkles. Now you’re ready to step with foundation creams first. Now here are ten products made by experts suggest that you have more orientation when many choices about foundation creams.

1. Foundation creams for firm skin and smooth stretch.

Product suggestions: CoverGirl Olay Facelift Effect $10.64

The foundation creams with light texture and the liquid product is most suitable for women after age 30 because they are not stuck in the wrinkles. Product CoverGirl Olay Facelift Effect is a fluid foundation adds cream ingredients and vitamins to help smooth skin stretched like schoolgirls. With most types of foundation creams, you should put cream up the middle of face and spread cream outwards. Use a damp suck to put cream on the forehead, cheeks and chin then spread outwards, do not forget the neck. Sponge will help spread thin foundation creams and more natural. You can also apply more foundation creams if need more coverage without being thick layer of makeup.


2. Foundation creams for stretch the skin healthy.

Product suggestions: Maybelline New York Superstay Better Skin $10.99

When skin lacks moisture and become dry, flaky, your face will look lifeless than usual and if you use foundation cream special form ir will only denounce your aging clearer. Maybelline New York Superstay Better Skin foundation cream is products containing ingredients lotion and SPF 20 helps protect skin before sun safer.


3. Foundation creams best color adjustment.

Product suggestions: Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation $38

Product is a foundation cream with lightly textured and contains cream but the features of this product is that it has the micro beads help adjust color, suitable for women who are uneven skin color, brown skin spots, pale skin. With this product, the best way is to dab cream by hand to temperatures from warm hand so cream can help ease cream all over the face and thin. Use your middle finger to put the cream into 5 points on the face: nose, cheeks, forehead and chin and gently using a circular motion to spread the cream outwards.


4. Foundation creams super moisturizing.

Product suggestions: Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation $5.50

The women had dry skin and wrinkles should avoid chalk compression and foundation special form because it easy stuck in wrinkles and make it more visible. You should find support foundation creams containing hyaluronic acid much to help skin retain moisture longer. Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation is a serum based products have colored beads gently help cover concealer perfections and soothing moisturizer ingredients help soften wrinkles.


5. Foundation creams with the best coverage.

Product suggestions: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation $48

Women’s skin after the age of 30 more likely to show brown spots and uneven color due to sun exposure or skin redness much by broken capillaries under the skin. With these problems, liquid foundation may not be suitable for cover and you should look for products that contain silicon like Face Atelier Ultra Foundation as smooth skin and gently stretch, soft. You should use a makeup brush, spread the cream according to the motion short to easily adjust the amount of cream to the skin should cover brown spots, redness and uneven stain color.


6. Foundation creams non-comedogenic for sensitive skin.

Product suggestions: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup $27

Many girls still face acne and and less use of foundation cream lest it causes skin pumpkin. So if you want to use foundation creams, stay away from products that contain Silicon, Mineral Oil or other substances such as Isopropyl Palmitate as thick as it would get stuck and pores causing acne worse. Products suitable for you should contain Salicylic Acid as Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup helps open the pores.


7. Foundation creams with the best grip.

Product suggestions: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Makeup $38.5

With sweating or oily skin, you should find a waterproof foundation creams to cream will not melt. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Makeup clinging substrate created throughout the day, not drifting by effecting of temperature, sweat or moisture from the environment, the more sun protection factor SPF 15 and for smooth substrate membranes healthy shine.


8. Foundation creams containing serum to revitalize skin.

Product suggestions: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation $62

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation light texture as BB cream contains nutrition from bamboo and cloth fruit, healthy skin from within and create healthy shine substrate. Products also contains SPF 40 helps protect skin from sun damage.


9. Best Foundation creams multifunctional platform.

Product suggestions: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth- Infusing Makeup SPF 25 $45

Products Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth- Infusing Makeup SPF 25 with light texture contains anti-aging, serum helps skin bright gradually, Hyaluronic Acid helps plump skin, the Peptide consolidate linked collagen under skin subcutaneous and elastin do blur the wrinkles.


10. Foundation cream manually adjust background color.

Product suggestions: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops $44

Products unique foundation breakthrough Cover FX Custom Cover Drops contain colored beads concentrate so you can mix with any skin care products such as lotion, serum or cream liner to have coverage and pleasant texture. If you want a gentle coverage, product mix 1 drop and 2 drops or more if the skin has many weaknesses.


Style Eyebrows Denounce Your Desire About Power.

Are you passionate about power, have leadership qualities and will certainly succeed. Style eyebrows partially revealed to us about that.


Type A: You do not desire power.

People with type natural eyebrows like this often uninterested, just think of peaceful life is the final destination. You said that the infighting, scramble them tired, under pressure, while with your talent, you extra strength to create wealth to live in abundance. However, you radiate strange attraction and always influential to those around them. So the opportunity to seize power to you very much. If accepted grasp, you will do very well on leadership.

Type B: You are very ambitious power.

You prefer to be ‘masked’ to anyone what you do to everything to be perfect. You are assertive and have the qualities outlined directions for a group of people. You own talent for speaking, charismatic people. All the good qualities of a leader are converging on you.
More importantly, you have the passion and desire to be standing at the helm. Therefore, you will dispose of any opportunity, enlist the support of everyone to climb the seat of honor. In fact, if you are respected, you will not regret your effort to devote to collective.eyebrows

Type C: You are smart and prefer power.

This style eyebrows show that your dominant personality is clever, witty and knows how to read the opponent psychologically. Despite limited understanding in some areas is not strong, but you still confident, managed well in all situations. Speaking of power, you are interested and want to be preached put into leadership positions.
You are confident that just as in the highest position, all your qualities can promote. If just a normal person, life will be miserable, wasted talent. Should strive at all costs to have fame since she was very young.

Type D: You rebel, against power.

Not to the extent you against the world, every principle in nature, but you like to do things your own way. You believe that if something is not useful, it should dismiss and change. Your easygoing temperament that hard to survive in environments with multiple rule constraints.
The result is that you not only do not desire for power, but also opposed to live, work your own way. Even so, you still treat everyone with respect so you are not isolated.

The Super Delicious Flavor Should Definitely Try It!

The fruit ice cream flavor would be strange unexpected cool breeze blowing away the summer heat it! Or you still like it even though it’s cold. Today, we will learn how to make one of ice cream flavors.

1. Fruit ice cream sticks:

How do you butter lemon cream sticks as follows:

– Two avocado puree with 30ml milk. Planing a little lemon zest and mix with butter to add flavor.

– Mix 30ml of lemon juice with water and sugar, then mix with butter to be slightly viscous mixture.

– Pour the mixture into ice cream mold and to the refrigerator at least 2 hours for frozen cream really cool actually.

With this, you can apply for watermelon and lemon …


… Or how about mango with a little chili?


2. Kiwi ice cream sticks:

How do kiwi cream as follows:

– Cut the kiwi into slices, seasoned with a bit of sugar to reduce acidity.

– Mix 600ml lemon juice as you like and then poured into molds with kiwi cut.

– Store the ice cream in the freezer until frozen is finished.

You can replace kiwi with other fruits like pomegranates, apples, strawberries, grapes, … are.

Another version, replace lemon juice with orange juice or grapefruit will also provide vitamin C to cool you there!


3. Ice cream sticks, peppermint taste:

Spicy ice cream sticks seem strange but equally attractive where!

How do you mint ice cream sticks:

– Wash the mint leaves before you puree with sugar and honey, then sieving to rid of debris.

– After adding water to the mint was milled for pappy vapor mixture. Preferably, you mix water with mint yogurt is delicious. Then put in the fridge for ice cream frozen.


Or in combination with fruits like lemon, raspberry, strawberry … also very delicious!

Beauty With Toothpaste, You’ve Tried?

Not only protects the teeth and hold freshening breath, toothpaste also has a lot of use of beauty that you should not ignore.

Not only protects the teeth and hold freshening breath, toothpaste also has a lot of use of beauty that you should not ignore.

1. Cure The Acne:

Toothpaste can kill bacteria, heal quickly, so it will help you soothe acne spots and eliminate newly formed acne, blackheads and acne effectively bran. Method is very simple, you just dab toothpaste on acne affected areas, for 30 minutes rinse with water. If you have sensitive skin, you should apply toothpaste on the skin for 15 minutes! Apply toothpaste on the acne also help you prevent acne to develop effective too.


2. Underarm Treatment:

Underarm odor makes you feel afraid to come into contact with people? There is a very simple way to not spend the time that you can apply each day that is using toothpaste. You just rub all toothpaste on the skin under the arms, gently massage for 30 minutes and rinse with water to finish the process.


3. Hair Removal:

Toothpaste containing flo , triclosan not only works to prevent tooth decay, tooth enamel protection but also have the ability to do the ugly hairs on the skin weaker and fall off naturally. Thus, the toothpaste is considered one of the home waxing method effective for hairs, slender, pale. You simply apply toothpaste to the affected area need waxing, massage gently foaming from 25-30 minutes, then use a soft cloth to clean.


Dedicated to the men: toothpaste is the great alternative to shaving cream, medium capable of foaming, fresh medium not irritate the skin.

4. Lightening Nails:

If you can use toothpaste to remove bacteria and makes teeth whiter. With nails, toothpaste also has a similar effect. You can dab toothpaste on the nail, then use a scrub brush gently 5-10 minutes, and rinse with water. Soon, you will own the shiny and strong nails.


5. Styling:

If one day you suddenly have no gel hair spray, do not worry, you can completely replace it with toothpaste. Like the hair spray gel, toothpaste containing water-soluble polymers, therefore, you can use toothpaste to hair styling or hair hold its folds.